Number 157 takes a turn

All new but basically the same?

An improvement? An improvement?
The mixture of criticism, goodwill and hype that surrounded the election of the 44th President of the US, Barack Obama, who was also the first black holder of that office has now been seen again, well almost.

The election of the 157th Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, who is also the first Jew to hold this office, has been just a bit over the top.

With Obama we were told that he was going to do this and that and it would be better, much better. He even let slip that he might bomb Pakistan. If he does get around to that then no doubt it will be done much better than the Republicans would have.

However, time has moved on and try as he might Obama appears to be bogged down and moving slowly, the pizazz has gone.

So what of our man Bercow? Well give it a year and, rather like the Lisbon Treaty of now looks just like the one rejected by the voters of Eire, the UK parliament will be, in essence, much as before. Only the truly gifted will be able to spot the difference.

The UK MPs, in fact the entire political establishment, simply don't get it. So who will benefit from this lost chance to act? At the last opportunity to vote, the EU elections, a massive protest vote was recorded, you would have thought it would have been spotted by the political establishment.

So the UK taxpayer is stuck with over 650 MPs who work few hours, fail to defend their rights but continue to dabble in public life for a long time to come. Cause for celebration? I think not.