Goodbye Kitty

Just when you thought it was all over!

Ussher out Ussher out

Kitty Ussher has resigned, first with the story was the Telegraph.

So those of you (Gordon Brown?) who thought the battle was over may wonder who the next casualty will be, and when the war will be over.

The last MP to go, Jane Kennedy, was so unknown she did not even have a Wikipedia entry! Ms Ussher is made of sterner stuff, she has been relentlessly parading herself on TV for long enough to have her own Wiki page, but no photo.

The reason for her going is the expenses scandal as the Telegraph makes clear. The reasons for Ussher thinking she could tough it out and hang on are not clear, yet. But the opportunity to go weeks back with grace and good sense seemingly did not appeal. So all that's left is a rather tacky backing away manoeuvre.

At the time of her appointment she declared that going to the Treasury was “her dream job”. So funny how it goes as she now says - "The hours of Parliament simply don't work with kids. There is no other reason for this decision”.

So why did she take the job? Cynical folk would say she is fibbing!

In her time as a Junior Minister she was in charge of a number of benefit policy reviews. But clearly too rushed off her feet to review her own approach to government, for her the benefit was personal from the outset. And the next one to fall?