Blow me down...

What a surprise?

Sir C KellySir C Kelly

Sir Christopher Kelly today accused MPs of exploiting their allowances for personal gain, as he opened his long-awaited inquiry into Commons expenses.

The chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life,( an advisory non-Departmental Public Body costing £660,000 a year), said that MPs appeared to lack principles, when they should have shown honesty and integrity:

"These values are timeless. If they had been followed more by more MPs over the past few years we would not be in the situation that we are."

Sir Christopher has been a top civil servant for much of his career and his committee comprises: a deputy chief constable, a baroness, 3 MPs including an ex- shadow Home Secretary, businesspeople, academics and serial committee members and chairpeople.

Are we really to believe that Sir Christopher and pals knew nothing about how expenses were being used to augment income with the willing help of the fees office?

If none of these people knew this then they were unsuitable for the job and if they did and ignored it then they are complicit.