More than tricky


Coming down Coming down
“You can go round again,” is the crumb of comfort offered to the pilot of an aeroplane with a functioning motor as they prepare to land. This option is not available to the glider pilot.

Way back in 1997 Nulabour took off with a jet propelled whoosh and, for a while, streaked across the sky. Well time moves on and now we see a weary Nulabour, its engine spluttering, nearly out of fuel, falling rather than descending to earth. Only just able to maintain control, the 2009 election results could be at best an embarrassing incident, and at worst a bad accident.

No doubt there will be an enquiry. In real life in the event of a plane crash the Air Accidents Investigation Branch will swing into action. The AAIB would collect all the pieces and lay them out in order, away from the public gaze, and try to find a reason for the accident.

The Nulabour equivalent of the AAIB will, in the full gaze of the public, have a quick look, then go onto find an excuse. Nulabour has been aloft for 12 years now, time's up, it can no longer defy gravity. Let's hope nobody is hurt, but let us pray we all learn from this event and it never happens again.