Negligence or corporate manslaughter?

Passing the buck

Dr UrbaniDr Urbani
We hear that in February 2008, Daniel Urbani a German doctor on his first shift providing out-of-hours cover for GPs, killed 70 year old David Gray by giving him 10 times the normal recommended maximum dose of diamorphine. Shortly afterwards he left another patient dead see here.

Last month Ubani was given a nine-month suspended prison sentence in a German court for the UK incident and was fined €5,000 (£4,450) for causing death by negligence. He is continuing to practise in Witten, Germany, although he has been suspended from working in the UK by the General Medical Council's interim orders panel.

We are told that Dr Urbani specialises in anti-ageing medicine and is a cosmetic surgeon. He has a very simple website in ungrammatical English. See here, where he tells us:

In summary it may be said that hormones keep young, Fit and sexy with the Pills of the Stars

The same website format was evidently presented at the World Congress of Cosmetic Surgery with live surgical demonstrations in Shanghai in 2002!

Now, the government made a mistake by telling GPs that they could opt out from out-of-hours care by taking a small reduction in their wages. This, unsurprisingly, they mostly did. It then privatised this system and cannot vet doctors who are EU nationals. Take Care Now was the prophetically named private company which employed Dr Urbani.

This doctor may speak perfect English and be a skilled doctor who made a deadly mistake BUT I would rather not be treated by someone who prescribes steroids and hormone treatments and describes his treatments in racy language such as:

The substitution of such Power Stuffs with the exotic names like DHEA, HGH or PREGNENOLONE, which embody the dreams and imaginations of the stars to remain ever young, exciting, sexy, slender body shape with few wrinkles has been proved to be The secret into an active and happy old age..... With Pregnenolone one is in bed insatiable.

It just sounds dodgy to me.