The new totalitarians

You're either with us or against us

George GallowayGeorge Galloway

The New Left are a combination of political Islam, climate change Armageddonists, the far Left, hard-line Human Rightists and muddled anti-globalists/ supranationalists (world domination for Guardian readers). You have to agree with them totally, else you are excluded, and the parts of their views you agree with may be trashed in the public mind by association.

You can be anti-war, anti-torture, anti-rendition but still think that ex-Guantanamo prisoners should not be given hero status and invitations to speak at conventions. Some are pretty harmless fellow travellers who would a liability as fighters, some may be people who have been passed to the Americans in order to gain money and punish an enemy but there are also those who are dangerous terrorists.

After the initial protest it was a shame that many of the population who opposed the war, and who are against the war in Afghanistan, could not bear to be associated with the Stop the War Coalition which is composed of such avoidable organisations as SWP and Respect and such avoidable people as Billy Bragg and the rest of our media protesters.

To George Monbidiot, you are the enemy- a climate change denier if you do not believe in man made climate change and are against windfarms. However there are a lot of 'deniers' yet who are otherwise 'caring environmentalists' and who are: against biofuels, against the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), against the third runway at Heathrow, against cruel farm animal agribusiness, for energy efficiency and public transport, for research into energy efficiency and even support organic farming. The green totalitarians cannot cope with such people.
Billy BraggBilly Bragg
You can be against the surveillance state, against ID cards, CCTV, massive state databases, the DNA retention of innocent people, against the prohibition on filming the police and so on but also be against appeasing Islam. Criticise Islam and you are Islamophobic.

You can also be against the mad political system in Israel giving undue influence to religious extremists and no overall power to do anything and be against the settler movement but you can also be against Hamas, Hizbollah, Al Aqsa, and all the nasty totalitarian fascist groups in Palestine. You can even mock BBC journalists who dissolve into tears at the sight of Yasser Arafat's coffin being welcomed by hordes of men with their balaclava wearing Al Aqsa Brigade security guards. You can be against Hamas propaganda TV for children with its crude anti-Semitic jihadi teaching.

But, to be a new Leftie you must be for Palestine and against Israel, you must also presumably support violent Hamas headband wearing mobs in London protests and those who hold up placards claiming that we're all Hizbollah now. Otherwise you are a denier of Palestinian rights.
Bianca JaggerBianca Jagger
As Shami Chakrobarti rather chillingly laid it out at the Convention on Modern Liberty, anyone who even considered that a foreigner suspected of terrorism ( usually of a different colour ) should be deported or held without trial, rather than be let loose was really not one of us and she asked for an Obama like agreement from the audience that this would be totally contrary to Human Rights eliciting (an admittedly rather sheepish):" Yes I do."

So there you are, have any slight feeling that you would rather like Abu Qatada to be deported then this means that you are beyond the pale and can't fight for any other civil liberties. You are a human rights' denier

The new Left are yet again taking away any subtlety in the debate and confusing separate issues. Plane Stupid are doing a good job regarding Heathrow but one has the sinking feeling that it may all start to get silly, disruptive and be concerned with the end of the planet, causing the Heathrow aspect of the protest to become marginalised.
Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson
You can be against membership of the EU stating: a democratic deficit, cheap labour giving governments and big business lots of money, the depredation of fish stocks under the Common Fisheries Policy, unfair trade with the developing world - but you are labelled a xenophobic little Englander by the comrades.

No wonder so many people want Jeremy Clarkson for PM.