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It gets worse

Backs to the wall? Backs to the wall?
The grating dullness of UK politics was lifted, briefly, while Gordon Brown was in the USA. The equally witless, but a little more entertaining, Harriet Harman took Brown's place at PMQs. She faced William Hague who can, in his own way, be just as funny as Boris Johnson. So the cameras rolled and the sound was switched on and yes, PMQs was a cracker. There has not been so much laughter since Brown offered to “save the world”, a task still pending. Hague annoys many people for he has ability as well as a sense of humour, a rare mix in Westminster. Some say Hague won the match, others suggest it was a draw. Harman as the real Deputy Prime Minister, as opposed to Lord Mandy, the unelected usurper, should have had the whip hand. Hague, in opposition, not only has to work harder but differently, but there are advantages, he can relax, he does and so scores on a level Harman cannot reach. A post match summary by Hague is here. And thank you to the Spectator for bringing our attention to it.

So Harman and Hague finish their battle and the cameras are switched off. This is a pity as political business goes on. We should thank EU Referendum for bringing us this detail on the subject of the plans for Royal Mail. Conservative MP Ann Winterton asked if -

“the real reason for part-privatising Royal Mail stems directly from European Union postal legislation, which forced Royal Mail to divest itself of its most profitable business, thereby handing it over lock, stock and barrel to European competitors”.

EU Referendum tells us -

According to Ann, there was a sudden hush in the House - an embarrassed silence – almost as if someone had done something unmentionable in church. Then Harperson, dutifully briefed by her gifted civil servants, delivered her "non-answer". The "real reason", she said, was "the analysis in the Hooper report, which we commissioned as long ago as December 2007."

Now, this is an interesting response, as the Hooper Report tells us that the real reason for part-privatising Royal Mail is ... er ... European Union postal legislation, and also EU state aid rules.

EU Referendum goes on to explain more and it is required reading for anyone wishing to come to understand this mess of what to do with Royal Mail, also the subject of this post

But now a return to Support the Myners, another previous post. From the Evening Standard we see that Lord Myners has his own questions to answer about pensions and his own pension at that.

Do all these big numbers give you a headache? Well following on from King and country, there's more to come, you won't like this.

Brooks Newmark, Conservative MP for Braintree and member of the Treasury Select Committee, has calculated the extent of public debt being racked up by Nulabour. From his website you can reach a copy of his report, The Price of Irresponsibility. The 'debate' about ex-bankers' pensions is no better than a smokescreen to conceal even bigger sums of money. Newmark claims that the true sums of money for which the UK taxpayers are responsible are three times the official figures. Now why should that be?
Woof woofWoof woof
We started on a laugh and that's how we'll finish. Austin Barry writing on a readers' forum in the Spectator said of Brown's US speech -

“Brown should cut out the perennial two-West-Highland-Terriers-facing-each-other hand gestures - or at least occasionally open the fingers to give the impression they're barking”.

Woof woof, we agree.

But then Brown for his US speech got the same number of standing ovations as did Tony Blair many years before, spooky or what?

PS - the dogs are called Boom and Bust.