Support the Myners?

Blood on the carpet, soon

Some weird ritual? Some weird ritual?
Gordon Brown, or big clunking fist as he was known in the good old days, seems keen to pick a fight to prevent Sir Fred Goodwin getting his full pension. The suggestion is that this matter could go to law to be resolved. In Brown versus Goodwin it could be Brown wins, or loses and then there is an appeal. Or it could be that common sense prevails and Brown admits defeat now and drops the case. It's probably this latter option that sensible civil servants will be hoping that Brown adopts.

As suggested in another post Brown is so unpopular that it would not be beyond belief that the man in the pub, or outside it having a fag, would support Goodwin. Not for any other reason than spite; Brown has that effect on people! But in a court of law things are done differently, only the evidence matters. And the evidence shows that on behalf of Brown, Lord Myners (see right), agreed to the Goodwin pension. There are always two parties to a contract, it is a joint responsibility and it is binding. Only a fool would think otherwise. So how does Brown and his team think they can win? It's doubtful whether Brown's old neighbours, the Blair's, each with legal training, would have got into this mess. So, should the headlines read 'Brown wins case', there will not be universal celebrations.

The flip side to this is Brown loses the case. Nor will this lead to UK wide celebrations. But the man spending far too much time outside the pub will not feel sorry for Brown and go back in the pub to drown his sorrows either. The speed at which the law moves is so slow that any result from legal action could be after the date of the General Election. But what if things were hurried up? What if we had a judgement next week?

The damage to Brown, from any result, would be more than any amount of cosying up to Barack Obama for a photo opportunity at the G20 could ever repair. No wonder there are many photos of Goodwin smiling.

Now for the trick question, when was the last time you saw Alistair Darling? It is said that a test for dementia is to ask “who is the Prime Minister?”. As Darling seems to have completely disappeared if, “who is the Chancellor,” were substituted as the question, then a sizeable chunk of the population could be locked up. All the seriously busy folk, as opposed to the political nerdy, could be whisked off. Is this a ploy? Part of the man's survival plan?

Which brings us to Lord Myners, the goat to be sacrificed in some cabalistic ritual designed to cleanse our minds of the idea that Brown and his Chancellor are really the ones to blame. This blood letting that getting rid of Myners represents is supposed to free our souls. It will do nothing of the sort. Expect this or some other big event but, no, not the resignation of the unelected Deputy Prime Minister Lord Mandy, any time soon.