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professionals or bean counters?

too fat to adopttoo fat to adopt

We are broke and are seem to be led by incompetents. Education, legal, civil service, police, social work every 'profession' is politicised. Even a cynic like me hadn't realised things had got quite so bad but here is sixteen year old Joe Iles' shocking comment:

The core biology science curriculum now calls for very little knowledge of the biology that we had studied in the years preceding GCSE, but seems to be a governmental attempt to raise awareness of current social issues. For example, section A of the core biology exam concentrates on contraception, drugs, alcohol, smoking, obesity, anorexia and the MMR vaccines, whilst section B tackles broader issues such as global warming, GM crops, creationism vs Darwinism and alternative energy sources.

Ally this with positive discrimination for pupils with poor exam results in universities and soon our brain surgeons, civil engineers, microbiologists and so on will be incapable of finding the cerebellum or doing an equation.

The CPS charges pensioners who slap hooligans with scraps of paper. The police come out in force for a man photographing his happy child reading on a roof. Hate crime is the new target and thousands are prosecuted yearly. The Bloody Sunday enquiry is a gruesome money maker for those involved. The lists go on and on about the stupid and unnecessary measures taken by police, the legal system and other so called 'professional' organisations.

One of the most egregious examples of professional incompetence is in social work and adoption. Social workers bend over backwards to keep children in their own families, this even where an abused child has parents are: criminal, drug and alcohol addicts, violently mentally ill and so on. Parents don't seem to have to be present when social workers call or allow medical inspections. Of the 60,000 children in care up to March 2007 only 3,300 were adopted. The average duration of final period of care that looked after children had before being adopted was 2 years and 8 months.

Many couples are longing to adopt but they face far more interrogation than that given to work in MI5. They must be totally upstanding, not too fat, not too posh, non-smoking, have the correct colour match and have the endurance to go through never ending hoops to please the social workers or adoption agencies. By the way, it may be much easier to adopt from abroad where race restrictions do not apply.

We are in financial crisis. Many people are losing jobs. Small groups of parents could assess prospective adoptive parents for suitability, give them a police check and let them adopt children of any race or colour and quickly. They could not do worse than the adoption agencies and would probably do it for free. I am sure sometimes this will go wrong. I am sure social workers sometimes get it wrong but anything is better than tens of thousands of children rotting in care or going from foster parent to foster parent. There are of course the cases where children should not be in care but that is another matter, there must be many cases where there is no controversy.

I can't believe it is so difficult to assess people for adoption. If the children didn't have to wait nearly 3 years to be adopted they would probably be much easier to look after.

Calling them looked after doesn't help because they aren't. We have a nearby hostel which has received thousands in grants to create a hostel. The situation and people involved were totally unsuitable and didn't even pass police checks yet, over a period of years have lurched on, getting a few children here and there, earning vast sums of money, running hotel, catering operations as a sideline, teenagers obviously on the game and returning one night a week. Did we complain? Of course, many times. What was the outcome? The council were always looking at the situation and would get back but never did. There was either collusion or total incompetence. It is now closed but has cost the taxpayer a fortune and certainly hasn't helped the children involved. Carolyn Croft writes in the Independent that:
adoption apartheidadoption apartheid
Only 10 per cent of people who make initial inquiries into becoming a parent reach the end of the assessment process.Prospective adopters should be put through a rigorous appraisal, because children in care (and most adoptees are) do not deserve more risk, or be placed with parents who don't understand their needs.

But if we'd been told, at the first meeting, when we were keen and optimistic, that three years later we'd still be waiting, we might have reconsidered our plan to not bother with IVF, or we might have done what many others have done: travel to China, or Brazil, or Romania, and find babies from overcrowded orphanages there.

Inter-racial adoption is not allowed, despite a disproportionate number of black, Asian and mixed-race children waiting. We are white and we are middle-class and probably come over as nauseating do-gooders, but that doesn't make us bad parents. We've had every tiny aspect of our childhoods, sexual partners, family, friends, home, health and wealth pored over. We've been filmed talking about infertility and infidelity. We've become paranoid about expressing any opinion other than the most anodyne.Six months ago, 10 social workers and related experts approved us to be adoptive parents.

Camilla Cavendish writes of the scandal regarding secret family courts where children may be removed from parents where no crime has been proven yet is verified by 'expert' witnesses. When given targets and financial rewards to increase adoption figures, there has been a spate of allegedly forced adoptions by certain councils. It just shows that many of our professionals and experts are no such thing.They have learnt to tick boxes and follow procedures at great cost and time.

And who provides all the manuals and procedures? Why our Nu Labour government and their quangos.