25 reasons to be ashamed of Great Britain

shame game (in no particular order)

Miss Piggy holds up ID cardMiss Piggy holds up ID card

1 Peers who get cash for influence are not even charged and MPs who are imaginative with their expenses show no shame.

2 It takes on average 2 years and 8 months to arrange adoption for a child and costs £26,000.

3 Members of the armed forces receive paltry compensation for injuries and little respect from the government.

4 We fight an illegal war in Iraq and leave behind a theocratic state with sharia enshrined in the constitution.

5 We discriminate against married couples or partners by giving more money to single parents.

6 We ban free speech but allow Muslim extremists to incite violence.

7 We encourage 'banana republic' style postal voting that effectively disenfranchises many Asian women and the punishment for ballot rigging is a few hours community service.
8 Our state broadcaster only advertises for jobs in the Guardian and spends vast sums of money encouraging verbal pornography.

9 We are denied a promised vote on the Lisbon Treaty Constitution, 80% of our laws are made in Brussels and our MPs don't even know about most of them.

10 People traffickers make a fortune bringing in illegal workers who are then turned into indentured workers, unaccompanied asylum seeker children are allowed in, then 'lost' leading to child prostitution and abuse.

11 No one has ever been prosecuted for allowing their child to suffer genital mutilation.

12 Professional associations allow incompetent lawyers, teachers, doctors, policemen to continue working or resign on grounds of health.

13 We fail to teach children to be numerate and literate and have dumbed down the exam system.

14 A total surveillance society is being erected with amongst other things: CCTV cameras that can also listen to you, national databases that interlink with each other and records of your phone and computer activities. Your private utterances and emails can now be reported and can result in the loss of your job - or worse.
Archbishop of CanterburyArchbishop of Canterbury
15 The majority of the population are considered racist by their government.

16 We allow mobile phones, drugs and terrorist cells in our prisons.

17 Our politicians, bankers, auditors, haven't a clue as to what they're doing but get large rewards.

18 People are scared to go to hospital in case they get an infection.

19 Millions are ignored, taxed highly on low wages, left to rot on benefit or sent on Micky Mouse apprenticeships. Educators and politicians think that only those who are not academic can 'cope' with a skilled trade though they have destroyed our former excellent technical education system.

20 Easily available cheap booze is becoming the soma of 21st century Britain.
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21 We allow factory farming and fishing, concrete over our green belt and gardens, build soulless malls and dwellings and we are told that the UK is helping save the planet!

22 In some areas many of our women wear the veil and we are told that this is their human right!

23 The Archbishop of Canterbury cannot comb his eyebrows and is obsessed with all things to do with gender.

24 We distort trade negotiations with the developing world so that free trade benefits us and not them.

25 We are forced to use biofuels which are destroying vast areas of the developing world, which could be used for food, for the sake of spurious CO2 reduction targets.