Laugh? I nearly cried

Lapel badge resurgent?

One like Dad's One like Dad's

The things people say. It looks to be all over. A simple story, a silly story perhaps, lasts the best part of a week. People who never knew that Golliwogs existed have, in the last few days, had a crash course on the subject, likewise the people who never knew Robertson's jam was around and the connection between the two. So “total respect to Jo Brand” on that then. Like the trilby or white walled tyres, elderly folk have had to rake through their memories so to describe these things to younger family members. Obviously this is where the family photo album with the black and white snaps, if you could find it, showing such things would come in handy. “See, look there, your cousin Theodore has a golly on his lapel”. And yes a fuzzy image mid-snap shows a child running around a field with Dad's Vauxhall Cresta (see right) way off by the gate, boot lid up as the picnic blanket is laid out on a summer's day.

The photo is three inches square and a bit damaged, but then so is your cousin's reputation now. A chill descends onto the memory of it all, how that part of the family took off to Tasmania, good riddance eh?. Funny too how in the last decade they've been slow with the Christmas card as well, one year it arrived after New Year. So that's it then, we have a cast-iron excuse to hate them now and we can drop them, I feel better already.

It's been like that recently, this site has posted on the BBC before and also here. From Very Entertaining it's clear this site is not unbiased, but we don't hate. The images used by various newspapers showing Carol Thatcher with Jo Brand indicate that is exactly on the latter's mind. The photo doing the rounds of Brand sat next to Thatcher, with her face contorted, fist up and boot out are hilarious. Brand is not standing up for the oppressed or any minority but simply putting the boot in to the daughter of the woman all creditworthy right-on 'comedians' must hate to keep their kudos intact, even if they can barely remember the 'Thatcher years'. Some say it's Brand of the thought police (see below right).

I've no interest in Thatcher the TV celebrity, or any celebrity; I'm not altogether convinced via reports from friends she is entertaining. I'd not heard of Brand in years, in fact I did not realise she was still performing. The same friends report that her material has not changed one jot, so vintage feminism, what larks! I'm also told by those who waited patiently for three months for Jonathan Ross to return that Brand, who filled in for him, was not very good. I hope this was not a deliberate ploy by the BBC to 'prove' that Ross was worth keeping, that would be cynical.

Jo Brand Jo Brand
Brand is a Nulabour supporter and class warrior who would never miss an opportunity to show that no matter what subject comes along she has more justifiable outrage than anyone. This posturing, so her supporters say, is genuine and not to be sneered at. It's just that it seems to be essential in her chosen career too, so there is the suspicion it is also formulaic. Fighting other people's causes and battles can be noble, it's a question of scale, amongst other things. No doubt Brand and many other people would rise up if the BBC brought the Black and White Minstrel Show back to the screens. But Brand has, so far as I know, not uttered a peep about BBC disc jockey Tim Westwood. For some Westwood, hideously white as Gregg Dyke might say, is as insulting as the Black and White Minstrel Show and more so than any golly badge. Despite living in the Midlands for over thirty years I've never heard one black person speak as he does. It could be said that his cartoon of Black Britain is cruel and stupid. Mind you insulting cruel and stupid is one way of describing many of the stand up comics paid by the BBC.

By contrast even very young people will have known that our Prime Minister was a “one eyed Scottish idiot”. So perhaps the only excuse that can be made on behalf of Jeremy Clarkson is that he thought the Australians did not know this but it was his duty to tell them. What must have annoyed Brand is that Clarkson's comments overtook the Thatcher remarks like, well like a petrol-head in a Ferrari. How typically blokish is that?

So what will be the outcome of all this? Thatcher could be become a martyr, if so this is crazy. Another certain outcome is that, in the opinion of the public, the BBC slides down another notch. In these cash strapped times economies will have to be made; lets hope there is always enough money for comedians. And no doubt the prices of enamelled golly badges sold on ebay will soar. Final word on The Black and White Minstrel Show is that comic Lenny Henry once made an appearance!

And another cruel joke for which tee2i would like to apologize in advance.

Jo Brand is deeply upset because she has been passed over for an important event. She wanted to present the awards at the Annual Dinner and Dance of the English Lard Foundation but they've found someone who's fatter and funnier.

Actually no, that's a cruel joke, with Brand's spotless credentials it would have to change its name to the British Lard Foundation at least. And yes, these things are important!