The 44th President of the USA

Things can only get better?

Man with stick? Man with stick?
It's heart-sink time. I've just heard BBC radio broadcast the idea the Barack Obama (see right) will "hit the ground running". This is awful as it takes one back to the start of Nulabour when Tony Blair began gurning at the nation and also dropped the remark that his Chancellor, Gordon Brown, would to start us off in the right direction by doing this very same thing. The term 'hit the ground running' may indeed be American and comes, so I'm told, from the world of cartoon characters. When I first heard this saying I struggled to understand it, seeing in my mind only a man running along and holding a stick, periodically beating the ground.

"What's the point of that", I thought, unlike Tony Blair, I could not see the merit in it. I imagine Tony delivering this news, eyes almost the size of dinner plates, staring dreamily into the middle distance, his whole body stiffened by a mixture of conviction and zeal, as if to say: "follow me, I'm the anointed one". Well we all know that went pear shaped; Tony took off to do better things, like making lots of money and left Gordon to save the world on his own. But alas Gordon now looks bruised, battered and crumpled like a man who has fallen over his stick one too many times while running, the dream destroyed. I wish Obama well, I say take care and don't rush about, mind that stick.