Some deaths matter less than others

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Ochola John
LRA victimOchola John LRA victim

The UNHCR replaced the UN's Human Rights Commission in June 2006. Looking at the resolutions passed since then I find 20 resolutions:

Israel 13
Darfur 2
Burma (Myanmar) 1
North Korea 1
DR Congo 1
General food shortages 1
Zimbabwe 0
Tibet 0
Somalia 0
China 0
Uganda 0
Rest of the world 0

It is impossible to accurately assess death tolls but here are estimates:

Congo 3.8 million in 6 years - 45,000 per month since

Sudan 300,000 over 5 years

Zimbabwe 2000 cholera alone

Gaza 2007 350 When Hamas routed Fatah

Palestinians 2,310 since June 2006

Iraq 60,000 since 2006

Afghanistan 2,118 civilians only in 2008

Mexican drug war 5,000 in 2008 alone

All wars are horrific. The UNHCR posts dozens of graphic images of the war in Lebanon but from nowhere else in the world. Whatever one's views about the dreadful war in Gaza it is hard not to think that there is more than a little bias in the UCHCR.