Praise where praise is due

But it's getting to be a habit

You' re wonderful You' re wonderful
The sad case of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's husband working as her praise singer should now be judged against another case of a similar nature.That report of Home Secretary Smith's husband was put into this post to show off how fiddling is the rule rather than the exception in Nulabour. Smith's husband did it to help his wife and she did some fiddling with the statistics related to the Home Office's statement on knife crime.

From an article in the Independent we see that writing in to your local newspaper to talk up oneself and Nulabour is not as rare as it should be. Bournemouth man and Councillor Ben Grower did a bit of praise singing to help himself. The whole affair raises more questions than appear to be answered. Like many of his type, this includes Gordon Brown, Grower cannot admit to mistakes because he cannot see them.

The Independent said - Mr Grower refused to comment on the allegations but sent an email to colleagues admitting he had been writing under aliases for some time.

He said many other councillors did the same thing and that he had never written anything offensive but only did it to have "a good laugh online".

Well it's nice to see that Councillor Grower has a sense of humour but it would be ideal if he was also more honest. But then more honesty from Gordon Brown would be a good thing too.

Today saw the return of Prime Minister's Questions and I suggest you learn more from PMQs by listening to it on radio. This is because the simple audio version strips out the theatre as seen on TV. The scenic part is very often a distraction but with radio you get straight to the nub of it. Rather like the husband of the Home Secretary and for that matter the Home Secretary herself sought to conceal, so did Councillor Grower and so does Gordon Brown.

In each case it is due to a sense of desperation, the sands of time are running out for Nulabour and they are Nulabour numbers muddle Nulabour numbers muddle frantic. Gordon Brown has plenty to conceal and is a poor performer. On radio he is betrayed by never answering a question, his voice and his manner. His famous and fatuous remark about ending boom and bust has not just go him into hot water it's ready to drown him as well. The voice never shows any tonal quality that might give rise to the belief that this is an intellectual man, a person for whom inflection is a precursor to reflection. Rather as in athletics the 100 metres sprint is flat out all the way, Brown begins PMQs by bellowing and it's flat out all the way till he punches his chest through the tapes and goes back to his Westminster office. The man is desperate, he lies and it shows.

Today, with the new year we had Gordon's new mantra, "reel hellup". It was to my count repeated 6 times and I was concentrating, to other listeners it no doubt sounded foolish propaganda. For it is now established by independent study that what Brown claims is 'real help' to the nation is nothing of the sort. The old mantra, to call anyone who would question the efficacy of his policies, the "duh nuthung" people is still heard from time to time. And it's easy to see what's coming next, as Barack Obama gets more mentions than Alistair Darling, Brown's Chancellor and, remember, we are in a recession. Brown has claimed to be leading every elected head of Europe towards the bright new future although the reality is that the other leaders of Europe do not see it that way. How long the act of Brown as the guide and mentor of Obama will last, remains to be seen. Even Brown, if he runs out of friends to name check, could have a job convincing the electors of the UK by going into the next election bellowing about "Mr Putin and I"!

Jacqui Smith's husband seemed to get away with his escapade, the Editor of the local paper was quite relaxed about his trickery. The local paper in Bournemouth took a different line towards Councillor Grower,
Dear Editor Dear Editor
The Daily Echo said in a statement online: "The Echo does respect its readers' right to anonymity but we felt that when a councillor pretends to be somebody else to improve his reputation that it is of sufficient public interest to tell people about it."

But these are desperate people in desperate times; Gordon Brown is MP for Kircaldy and Cowdenbeath; it might be wise to start scrutinising the letters to the Editor section of the local newspaper to see if there is a suspicious level of comments!