Our PM bothers the police

Sweet memories!  Sweet memories!
Another Cones Hotline. As if if our police do not have enough to do with organising their own career path to give them a mega-payout, as did Tarique Ghaffur and Sir Ian Blair, or sneaking past the Serjeant at Arms and into the House of Commons to bother MPs; now they will have to give advice to women on how to get home. Speaking to the women's magazine, Glamour, our caring Prime Minister said it was all to do with the last mile home, that is the part of the journey from the tube station to the front door. The PM wanted these people to have a personal police service to tell them the safest way home.

The UK police cannot, it would seem, clear protesters off a runaway at Stansted Airport quickly so as to keep the airport open. Any accident on a motorway is also likely to result in it being shut to traffic for the best part of a day. So the quality of advice on offer here may well be worthless.

Also the idea that the PM, dear old Potato Face himself, should think up this scheme and launch it in the pages of Glamour magazine shows that, while he struggles to sort out UK plc, he at least has kept his sense of humour. The original Cones Hotline was the idea that John Major came up with in 1992 to help motorists and boost his popularity, it did neither. The idea was dropped but a few years later and, of course, in time Major and the Tory Party lost the next general election.
Brown bounce? Brown bounce?
This idea is so stupid one can only assume it did not come from the new unelected Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Mandelson; how it fits in with the 'Brown bounce' is a mystery too.