Broken society -

but the top is to blame

sensible optionsensible option

Journalists and politicians are talking about our broken society but are blaming the wrong people. Even a year ago, saying that a baby was a method of ensuring a home and income was considered a far right sentiment, yet the population at large knew this long ago. Who can blame a girl with no qualifications choosing this 'career' path? Even if she has a steady partner it is financially better to live apart and claim the giro drop. This would seem the sensible if not the morally righteous path. When things go wrong, as they tend to do, then social workers are at hand to chat and be morally neutral.

Schools are now encouraged to be responsible for the social welfare of children rather than to provide a socially neutral place of learning and order. Police are politicised, have posters on their cars during general elections supporting New Labour and support extremists as long as they don't belong to the BNP. Politicians take us to war by lying and refuse a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty Constitution by lying that the two are interchangeable. Gordon Brown blames the banks for everything and mires the country in debt for generations.

Who's to blame? The teenage mother takes the sensible path and hence supports innumerable: social workers, diversity officials, police liaison officers, parental support teachers, housing officials, fostering agents and so on. Nurses may leave visually impaired patients malnourished because they fail to tell them that food is present. This is because they have not received training in this area. The 'educated' professionals never seem to question their form ticking, are well paid and receive good pensions.
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The politicians who are responsible for creating the tick box bureaucratised society make more rules to overturn the rules that created the problems in the first place. All professionals now seem to require at the very least a degree but seem incapable of performing jobs that were previously done pretty well by those with far fewer qualifications. Politicians, bureaucrats and 'professionals' get on, by frequently changing positions and never learning on the job.

The broken society comes from the top. There is a symbiotic relationship with the 'underclass' which provides more and more job opportunities. The frightening thing is that, if this continues, we will have engineers who have diversity training and enter university by positive discrimination. When the bridges start to fall down perhaps reason will prevail. But I doubt it.