The Deputy Prime Minister at work

And whose business is it to decide?

Can't wait! Can't wait!
Interestingly, it is almost a year since the report from EUreporter about the UK joining the euro and now there is more. An up-to-date report from the BBC and another from the Guardian on the same subject. The original report makes the point -


The cynical may say that one year ago things were different but now we do not have the money for frivolous things like betting. And 'don't fix a date'. What does that mean? One year on and we are still waiting.

EUreporter (January 2008) says -

There is absolutely no solid evidence to suggest it but this publication predicts that by the end of the month of January, Britain will have announced that it intends to join the euro.

No solid evidence? Too right!

So what can we make of the latest reports? The BBC tells us what EU Commissioner President Manuel Barroso (below right) said to the French media, it's all very vague and the Guardian has no more facts to offer either; but in the reporting style of both, one can detect the hint of excitement. However, the BBC is probably the wiser of the two for giving space to Peter Mandelson (below right). For while poor old Harriet Harman thinks she is the Deputy Prime Minister is must be painfully clear to both her and the 'Westminster village' that she is not. As the UK has an unelected Prime Minister the fact that the Deputy PM is unelected too hardly matters!
What have I said? What have I said?
Having had a little poke at Eureporter for the lack of evidence in its report here is my opinion - we have no solid evidence either, from tee2i.

Barroso going all coy and not revealing his sources really does not matter. One can hardly imagine Gordon Brown idly chatting on the phone to Barroso about this and that one evening. This event has the mark of Lord Peter all over it. Just as Lord P did no harm when he met Oleg Deripaska, what's the problem here and who cares if he cannot remember all the details of the conversation?

The official line from No10 as reported by the BBC is "Our position hasn't changed... we have no plans to join the euro." A very sensible line to take too as, in the Evening Standard, the poll question:

"Would entering the euro help Britain through the economic downturn?" has, so far, 78% responding NO.

In the Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard comes to the same conclusion, not in one word but in a full length article that covers all of the topic and not just the simple pro or anti euro argument. Much of what Evans-Pritchard writes is critical of our bankers and rightly so. If you think we were a bit sharp on EUreporter, well, further down that report is this -
The PM and his deputy The PM and his deputy
But we have been tipped by a senior banker in Luxembourg that the economic crisis facing Europe “is bigger than anyone is prepared to admit”. “The banks are desperately short of money,” he added, referring of course to eurozone banks.

Well that was correct!

So now it's our turn at tee2i to make predictions. In a year the subject of Britain joining the euro will return and get the same answer both from No 10 and the public. But Lord P will never give up. In fact this subject could be the one upon which Nulabour makes up its mind on Lord P. Tony Blair said that Nulabour must learn to love Lord P, well that was years ago and there has not been much progress. Also, as no man can serve two masters, Lord P must make up his mind too. He has said he would like to perform on Strictly Come Dancing, so whose tune is he dancing to - Gordon Brown's or Manuel Barroso's?
Two monuments Two monuments
But take another look at the interview Lord P gave to the Guardian on November 29th 2008. This is really hilarious as it is so unhinged, the sort of interview that David Miliband was good at and which did him no good at all. In it Lord P likens Gordon Brown to Moses. Is Lord P taking the piss here? What was wrong with the name 'big clunking fist' that the No10 staff were once so keen on? And another thing Moses was an Old Testament character, what is the implication of that? Surely Gordon Brown should be NuTestament and writ large, I say unto you. Full interview HERE and recommended, it really is funny.

But then so is Lord P, the joy of his title for example, Business Secretary, means that he can shove his nose into others people's business as he likes. It's funny now but Nulabour has laughed both with and at Lord P before and will do so again. But what of Lord P's business skills? Well let's go back to the Millennium Dome (above right), both Stephen Bayley and the then Peter Mandelson played a part in this. Bayley was the creative director of the Dome, but only for a while as he could see more wrong than right with the project. Mandelson was Minister for the Millenium, another title that he took to mean what he liked. Bayley writing in the Observer in June 2007 gave an example of Mandelson's pretentious attitude. Mandelson wanted the Dome to have a title so long and full of flummery that it did not fit into the window on a business envelope!.

Foot note - The picture above right, 'Two monuments', shows the Dome and Canary Wharf, one built by Nulabour the other ruined by them.