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There will be a short intermission There will be a short intermission
Bankers all over the world are trying to repair their reputations and refill the bank's coffers. By contrast the state broadcaster, otherwise know as the BBC, is pretending nothing is wrong. But there is. Jonathan Ross is usually described as a presenter, chat show host and celebrity. Russell Brand, also does those things, but is able to manage being a comedian as well, he does 'stand up', he writes too, for the Guardian. As you are no doubt aware Ross and Brand have got both themselves and their employer into a bit of bother. However, unlike the bankers the chances are that the reputations of both and that of their various employers will only suffer a minor setback. As Ross earns about £6 million a year you may say he is cheaper than a high-flyer banker, true, but not relevant. Since this story began the muddled approach of the BBC management shows a similar level of contempt for the taxpayer-viewer as Ross and Brand did for their victim the actor Andrew Sachs. There is also the grand daughter of Sachs, Georgina Baillie, who was the subject of the phone calls to him. It seems she did sleep with Brand, does want him and Ross sacked and may sell her story to a newspaper and is part of dance group called the Satanic Sluts. So she is in a muddle too, but one thing at a time.

In politics damage limitation has been honed to a fine art, especially since the arrival of Nulabour. But in the world of 'entertainment' no such thing is required. But how have the 'experts', those from the wild world off TV and the media seen all this. First up is Janet Street-Porter, she is neither shy of the f-word nor has done badly out of a career in the media. Writing in the Independent she tells us all about her career and her likes and dislikes of the Ross-Brand affair. But the weakest bit is -

Thousands of people have voiced their displeasure on blogs and websites – the vast majority of them having surely never even heard the original broadcast on Radio 2.

As a significant number of people who complained are tax-payers that they have - never even heard the original broadcast on Radio 2 is irrelevant. Just imagine Street-Porter when as the Chief Executive of Live TV being asked to pay for something over which she did not have managerial control. The effing would have gone supersonic, but the dear old tax-payer is, it would seem, too fussy by half according to her so is forced to pay for the BBC like it or not.

Now onto our next expert, Piers Morgan. He is, like Street-Porter, used to the limelight and has done equally well out of the media business. He too when writing in the Daily Mail is critical of Ross and Brand and his comments hit home, well sort of, but only up to a point. For all of what Morgan writes about Brand is conditioned by this line -

He's just a sex-obsessed ex-junkie, a pre-Raphaelite version of Bernard Manning who will say literally anything to make a cheap tabloid headline, however lewd, crude or downright disgusting. I wouldn't expect anything else from him.

May I remind you that Morgan is the ex-editor of the News of the World and the Daily Mirror. So when he talks of cheap tabloid headlines we may assume he is a man who knows a thing or two.

Various other folk have gone bashing into Ross and Brand and good luck to them. I read as much as I could before starting out on this and concluded that generally the glitterati were rightly annoyed with Ross and Brand but, let's not not go over the top eh? There is some lovely money to be made in this business, let's not bite the hand that feeds etc.

Anyway what's the point? We all know that the BBC will always remain, no matter what happens, it could survive a nuclear blast.

Fact - the BBC struggles to do humour. It does it, but as much by accident as design. Take the Radio version of the News Quiz. When Alan Coren died he took the last of its spirit with him. And that was not much, it had declined badly over the years, this should have been obvious to the BBC but was not. Yet on Radio 4 every Friday evening is one of the BBC's best comedy turns and they don't know it. I refer to Any Questions. Take four windy make-weight-worthies, add the excruciating Jonathan Dimbleby and away you go. There will always be a handful of 'ordinary folk' willing to 'take part' and ask vapid questions about wind farms and smacking children. All presided over by Dimbleby with his "butt butt butt butting in" style as he takes the time to explain simple concepts VERY SLOWLY.
Off to see some girls dance Off to see some girls dance
And it gets better for the day after there's the repeat followed by more of the great British public phoning in to allow Dimbleby to practise on them his social engineering skills, or prejudice if you would prefer. The fun is to try to predict according to accent or the nature of their comments which caller will be allowed to ramble on or shoved off quick! It really is a crap programme, oops sorry, four letter word popped out there.

Further proof, if it were needed, that BBC is 'entertaining' came this week in the form of space for John Prescott. The old dinosaur was given time to sound off about his favourite subject - class. I did not watch this programme but those who did tell me it was not so much Prescott on class but Prescott being crass. The BBC is always generous to those who might need a little help; I can recall when David Blunkett resigned, the BBC must have seen it as a great shame for the following Christmas David was back helping with the Today programme. The rehabilitation of those pushed out is very noble but part of the BBC's remit? It will be very entertaining to watch the rehab of Ross and Brand and now Lesley Douglas, the recently resigned controller of BBC Radio 2.

Still it's good to know that the next mistake George Osborne makes, the one that has David Cameron chuck him out, will not be the end of the road for Osborne. Give or take a month or two he'll be back with a programme about the Bullingdon Club, see above right. No I'm not joking, it would be really good, we'd all learn something and there would be no bad language, well not much.