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illegal bluefin tunaillegal bluefin tuna

The EUobserver tells us that EU fisheries ministers are wiling to accept reduced quotas for the tuna, a shortened fishing season and increased controls, but ruled out a complete ban.

Greenpeace had called for a suspension of the fishery "until France, Spain, Italy and their Mediterranean neighbours stop illegal fishing practices."

"The ministers of France, Italy and Spain have shown they are incapable of keeping illegal fishing for bluefin tuna under control," said Saskia Richartz, Greenpeace EU oceans policy director. "Only a suspension of fishing can bring the bluefin tuna back from the brink of collapse."

You and I are paying for big business to rape the seas and destroy the livelihood of small fishing boat owners, see here:

Spotter planes are banned by the EU but not policed. The planes call in the fleet when they see the disturbance caused by bluefin tuna rising to the surface to spawn in the Mediterranean. There are 1,700 vessels belonging to the tuna fishing companies alone. Sixty nine operations now catch tuna in the Mediterranean and fatten them up off the coast of Spain. And, yes, you and I are funding this. Richard Fuentes & Sons control 60% of the ranching with help from EU and Spanish subsidies. Tuna are fattened and killed before they spawn and large females, capable of producing 40 million eggs are being wiped out. The European waters have been virtually destroyed
EU funded FoEEU funded FoE

Friends of the Earth Europe, the group preeminent in lobbying the EU for tighter controls to combat global warming, received €635,000 in funding from the EU commission last year. That, with additional funds from German, Austrian and Dutch ministries of environment, plus contributions from the United Nations Environment Programme, accounted for over fifty percent of the group's income, making it primarily a taxpayer-funded organisation. Hence they like promoting the EU. See photo.

So remember that when you're helping pay the estimated £9 billion to promote subsidised windfarms and hand out emissions trading certificates to big business both here and in the developing world, you are also helping destroy the bluefin tuna.

Even the UK government adviser, Professor Dieter Helm of Oxford University describes the EU's target of reducing emissions by 20% and sourcing 20% of energy from renewables by 2020 as "political rhetoric" to give the EU a stronger negotiating position at global talks on climate change, but doubts that other large emitters will regard the targets as credible. Research, including the UK government's review of biofuels policies, increasingly shows that when land that would have been used to grow food or animal feed is now used to produce fuel, the additional emissions - a process known as "indirect land-use change" - far outweigh any greenhouse gas savings.

By the way it's snowing hard here. I just hope the remaining power stations don't break down and that the week's supply of gas the UK keeps will be enough to keep our lights and heating on this winter.