The mirth of a nation

This is really important

The pound sinks The pound sinks
We are supposed to rise above it. I refer to what lofty folk call the tittle-tattle of everyday life. That is anything involving Russian oligarchs, Corfu, private yachts, donations to political parties and men with names like Osborne and Mandelson. The high minded may indeed be appalled at such trivia. But what is wrong with having fun? It would seem that some sectors of the media and especially the state broadcaster, otherwise known as the BBC, are really enjoying themselves, so where's the harm in it?

So inflated has this 'story' become it is hard to see when the fun stops and the joke begins and who we are supposed to be laughing at. To help you make up your minds may I suggest you link to the following.

Start with this one here.

Next is Melanie Phillips writing in The Spectator and is, as always, good

But now how others see us. See how the Yanks deal with both Osborne and Mandelson in the same article. Is this even handed boring or what? See also how on the same papers front page the main story is this.

I'd say the Yanks are laughing too but I bet their laughing at us. For while it would seem that the whole of the UK is fixated on this Corfu non-event the dollar goes up while the pound goes down.

But the real horror story is that George Osborne frightens children. It was this that made up my mind, the man has to go and soon. The Guardian has the full story and it really is HORRIBLE, promise me you will take care when reading this.

Mind you, on second thoughts, Candida Jones might be over-doing it a bit here. My experience of Greece is that they all drive like lunatics and every trip by ferry is a heart-in-mouth journey. Also could it be that Osborne has a double?