A tale of two Brits

crime does pay - for some

Janet DeversJanet Devers

Janet Devers, see here now has a criminal record. She has been given a conditional discharge for her 'crime' of selling vegetables in pounds but has to pay costs of £4,600. She is the sister of Jon Hunt, one of the original metric martyrs so, spiteful and vindictive Trading Standards officials are determined to get her. Even the EU has now declared the use of imperial measures legal.

She has an exemplary work record and has her family has run the stall since 1944. She is a credit to the country.

On the other hand we have a disgraced politician who lied (mortgage) and misused his position (Hinduja passports), had to resign twice and was rewarded by being sent into prosperous exile in Brussels. Peter Mandelson is to continue to receive taxpayer-funded EU pay worth £234,000 over three years - in addition to his annual ministerial salary of £104,386. The top-up ensures his income in his new job is the same as his £182,500 salary as a commissioner.
surely not PM?surely not PM?
Janet Devers is to go to the High Court and we hope that justice will be given by a jury. But, even if she wins, the creeps at Hackney Council will not have incurred any charge. The taxpayer will pay their costs and continue to pay their wages. After all they need time to compile evidence against state criminals, such as the 67-page dossier of alleged transgressions by Ms Devers.