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So its all over, the Nulabour fest is over for another year. I have posted before on the madness of the political party conference. It appeals only to the party faithful and the MSM the ordinary voter is not the target audience here. So, you may ask, why bother? Sheer indulgence I say.

Having plenty to do the day of Gordon's big speech I ducked out of listening direct to it on BBC Radio 4. This task fell to my partner who had the radio on in the next room. So all I could hear was the hammy and theatrical droning of the great man but, due to the distance, not the words. There was also the audiences applause. It was the latter that almost dominated the sound from afar and to my reckoning was at least 40% of the air-time. And again due to the distance sounded not like clapping but rain on a tin roof! There was one particular feature of this event that broke my concentration of my task in hand more than any other. It was the choice of key words trotted out mantra-style by the PM.

Frank Spencer Frank Spencer
One such word was 'values'. But in this case it got from Gordon the super-caledonianisation effect. That is he pronounced it "voll-yews" and with a throaty roar. My partner had particular objection to this key word and bellowed it back to the radio in annoyance each time, she also called him names and then burst out laughing. As by then Gordon had moved on to his money list and each extra billion pounds announced for our benefit, or in his case "belly-on" was greeted by the shout of "creep". It may be thought unfair to mark a man down this way but as it was Nulabour who tried, and failed, to take the mickey out of Edward Timpson, the successful Tory candidate in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election for being, as they saw it, a toff, I have decided to join in with a few digs myself.

Then there was Gordon's line on not giving way to a 'novice'. Did he mean David Miliband or David Cameron? It has to be the latter. The former showed himself to be truly stupid, again. It seems to me sometimes that David Miliband is taking off Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer (above right) in 'Some Mothers do 'ave 'em'. It's the eyes and poorly regulated body movements, really funny though but not leadership material, even for Nulabour.

Then on the last day it was the Ruth Kelly moment. This made David Miliband and his 'Heseltine' moment look, as I say, stupid. But even this does not matter at all as, for example, the voters of Glenrothes will decide who they want as their MP and not make a single reference to the last few days in Manchester in doing so.
Oh very good, just like the real thingOh very good, just like the real thing
Simon Hoggart writing in the Guardian got it right with the following -

Straight after the speech (Gordon's), a line of Labour parliamentary candidates formed outside a makeshift photo studio, looking like the queue in Red Square to see Lenin. They were all to be photographed with the leader, or possibly a cardboard cutout. I wonder how many of the resulting pictures will actually appear in election addresses.

Full article HERE. And more on the Glenrothes by-election HERE.