Lawful excuses

How to twist reality

Belatedly the mainstream media seem to have realised that there is something wrong in the state of GB. We have a discussion on immigration in the Spectator here which tells us, something we had all known- namely that we have a huge hidden unemployment figures,( using a technique copied and refined from Mrs Thatcher), that most of the 3 million new jobs created under Nulabour have gone to immigrants and foreign workers and that the cost benefit ratio is minimal if not negative. The article says that the taboo on discussing immigration is only just being lifted.

The MSM has a huge effect on public opinion and only writes what it feels to be politically safe as seen from its bunker at any point in time. It rarely reflects public opinion; and the opinion of its readership are very different things. Most of the public and some of the red tops have long known that jobs have not been created for British workers, that British children have not been trained or educated adequately and that the economy has been fuelled temporarily by cheap immigrant labour, whose votes make Nulabour invincible in the cities.

The Daily Mail tells us that terrorists are allowed to vent their spleen aided by our politicians, lawyers and police. Hey, what's new about that?

We are told that the end of the world is nigh unless we build more windmills, necessitating buying lots of scarce gas, because only gas fired power stations can easily be turned on and off to supplement energy requirements when the wind doesn't blow. The last chance for building a few nuclear and coal fired plants to replace those soon to be decommissioned, will end up taking our police forces' eyes off their paperwork and getting out in force to prevent more eco warriors protesting. They've been given the green light to do this now; and we can't only blame Nulabour and Mr Gore. Mr Cameron and his pal Zac Goldsmith appear to be onside. See here.
MSM waking up?MSM waking up?
The defence of "lawful excuse" under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 allows damage to be caused to property to prevent even greater damage. If someone had painted Abu Hamza go home on the minaret of Finsbury Park Mosque in the late 1990s would they have been cleared?

We have the Black Police Association unable to keep accounts and employing corrupt lawyers to claim racial discrimination. Whose fault? Why Ian Blair, our Ken and co.

Perhaps something will now change but one doubts it. The race relations industry and PC movement are now too ingrained. This does a great disservice to all Britons: black, white, religious and secular who deserve better.