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The wettest silly season on record?

Me and my big mouth Me and my big mouth
This summer has has been, so far, one of the wettest in my memory. Likewise this silly season has been one of the silliest, hence the title of this post. I can only assume that since the reduction of our Parliament via the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution from something important to a mere district office of the EU our elected representatives, shorn of real responsibility, can say what they like. And it seems they do just that. I've already noted this from Michael Meacher see HERE and Denis MacShane see HERE.

But why should these two have all the fun? Other MPs are now taking a turn. First up is Nick Raynsford MP for Greenwich, he is spooked like many of his kind by the collapse in Nulabour's poll ratings. In an article in the New Statesman, see HERE, he tries to find some cheer, you have to admire this as it is bound to be hard work. A great deal of what he writes goes wide of the mark, it has no relevance at all to the here and now. The following quote will show how wide -

"Compared with the position we inherited in 1997, today’s Britain is a better, fairer, more successful, more confident and more tolerant society".

This is so daft, better, fairer and more confident, what does all this mean in the present context? Had Raynsford been out for a laugh he would have added that the UK 'smelt nicer and was less dusty too'. It is all so meaningless and no, Raynsford is not out for a laugh, he is serious. Alas for Raynsford this bit comes very near the end of his article so the reader simply falls about laughing and dismisses it all. Especially as the article begins -

“When you are in a hole, stop digging”.

Indeed Mr Raynsford, indeed! What a pity he does not heed his own advice; in which case he would have written something else or, better still, not written at all.

On to David Miliband.Traditionally it was John Prescott who, on behalf of Nulabour, was the word-mangler-in-chief. Not any more, Miliband has taken over. Prescott was always promoted as a 'man of the people'. And I know many people who insisted this applied to other people and not themselves. However, in Prescott's case his lack of education, Ruskin College notwithstanding, gave him an excuse. This is not the case with Miliband - a small fortune has been spent on his education with, it would seem, similar results. I'll grant you the Miliband gobbledygook is posher that the Prescott variety but is no more penetrable. In fact because Miliband is so pretentious the Prescott stuff is preferable. The Sunday Telegraph reported this bit of worldly wisdom on the Georgian crisis from Miliband -

"The politics of this needs to play out in the medium term"

Do you think he was stalling unable to say anything of value but too stupid to keep quiet? For more on Miliband word mangling see HERE.

And so to Nick Clegg. To be fair to Clegg he is consistently silly and not just in the summer months but a fat lot of good it has done him. The previous and temporary LibDem Leader, Vince Cable, was getting far more and regular publicity than Clegg has been of late. So perhaps it will be in order to call Clegg - Nick Who? Or NW? for short. The fact is with NW? he out-sillies most of the habitués of the Westminster bubble and has done so since he was raised up. Always keen to blow our own trumpet on this blog we spotted this at the start of the era of NW? and posted on this very subject HERE. So we were not surprised by this.

It usually it falls to Gordon Brown to announce some minor step for mankind with a future effective date so far ahead as to be ridiculous; 'By mid 2016 one half of all children under seven years old will have their own ----- etc'.

Brown's dullness linked to that droning noise he makes when attempting to be serious just negates all he is trying to say. The listener is put off so turns off. This is not the approach of the leader of the LibDems. For NW? it is total comedic engagement and with 2050 as his target date, this is 42 years away. What a thrill it will be sitting on the edge of our chairs for all those years waiting for this to come to pass. By which time NW? will be 84 years old by my reckoning.

Who of us aged 10 years old had any idea what either we or the world would be like when we were 20 years old? Yet child-like NW? would have us think he can see 42 years hence, what an arrogant fool.