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Sarko charm offensive?

Oh my God! Oh my God!
The picture, see right, says it all. Mind you many politicians seem unable to act in such a way as not to make fools of themselves; those of you with long memories will recall Michael Hesteltine wearing a flak jacket when in the presence of troops while he was Defence Secretary. More up to date is Harriet Harman in the stab-proof vest during a walk-about with police officers, an act she described as "a matter of courtesy" though, as with Hestletine, words like stupidity and vanity seem more apt. And now Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France and for 6 months the President of the European Union and in his mind for all we know, 'Leader of the free world' - vive le Sarko, always a bit tetchy and so gaffe-prone that Boris Johnson has nothing to worry about, is laying into the Irish like a man possessed, see HERE.

Courtesy counts Courtesy counts
The military ambitions of the EU, led by Sarko, and the military pretensions of the man himself should makes us all worried. However, as the Irish see themselves as a neutral country, being forced to vote again on the Lisbon Treaty might annoy them; especially as under Sarko the EU seems hell-bent on becoming, via EU military might, 'a world policeman.'. As, these days, we all strive to be 'inclusive' and this is now such a common buzz word it is rather odd that countries with their own view such as Ireland are coming under such pressure. They, the Irish, see themselves as different, they voted NO, it really should be a simple matter, in that their decision marks the end of the present set up. Unless of course to be inclusive means something else.

Look at those heels Look at those heels

The EU has set itself up as a confederation based on conformity, 'one size fits all' with no plan B. This might have worked with a small unit but, as the EU appears desperate to grow and include all bar none, the need to be tolerant will increase. For a while Gordon Brown was portrayed as the big clunking fist, and a lot of good it did him. Now Sarko is looking equally ridiculous. Irish Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore said, if reports about Mr Sarkozy's comments were correct, the French president "has seriously put his foot in it" and Sinn Féin described Mr Sarkozy’s words as “deeply insulting to the Irish people”. Le grand faux pas?