A law unto themselves

the ghettoising of our police forces

more than prayer
is requiredmore than prayer is required
The ghettoising of our police forces is strange, disquieting and on-going. There seems to be an association for more or less every nationality, race and gender. The Met lists 16 including: Anglo-Italian, Greek, Chinese and South East Asian. They are all given about £500 plus help with office time and equipment.

Registered charity no. 1093518 -the National Black Police Association NBPA - is given preferential treatment. According to an annual account signed by Ali Dizaei in April 2008, it received £180,000 in the year 2006-7 from public funds, had total funding of £522,000 and spent £596,000. The accounts list all these few hundred thousands of pounds as other so we cannot tell where the money came from nor where it went. The auditors stated that they were: unable to form an opinion as to whether the financial statements- give a true and fair view of the charity's affairs.

The 2005 accounts are somewhat less cryptic, were only signed off in October 2007 and other annual accounts since 2002 are absent. The account was frozen in April 2007 but the NBPA still seems very active. No doubt their finances were found to be squeaky clean after all.

By contrast the Christian Police Association doesn't ask for funding and produces exemplary accounts. I see no reason why police cannot have their own associations but fail to see why the taxpayer should help fund these - especially as the majority of the police and population are secular and call themselves British. There have been enquiries into the funding of the Sikh Association of Police as well as the NBPA.

Official reports criticise some policemen of 'informing' on young women who are the subject of honour crimes - presumably thinking that they are doing the right thing. Has any action been taken against the police concerned? I doubt it. Asian women's groups say they do not trust some Asian police officers not to deliver girls back to their abusive families.
Every other day it seems that a Muslim policeman sues for discrimination and receives a nice amount of money. If our policemen don't see themselves as a unified force and are quarrelling amongst themselves then how are they to fairly police different races. Wouldn't it be better to have a British Police Force and for these associations and charities to receive no official help.

By the time we have the: Somali, Lithuanian, Ethiopian, Sunni Muslim, Wee Free et al police associations, there won't be any office space left for normal policing.

An article translated from the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet November 5 2007 shows us that we're doing really well in terms of race crimes. A PET Danish police intelligence agency report on racism shows that the Danish police registered 85 episodes which possibly could have been racially motivated. In London alone the police registered more than 10.000 cases during the same period. Scotland Yard 'experts' ( could they possibly be from the NBPA?) gave a scornful assessment of the Danish police stating that Danish police are to a wide extent blind for the racism to which Danish citizens are subject.

- 85 registered racist incidents in a whole country is pure nonsense, says police inspector Ali Dizaei.
Your police absolutely misses something here, he points out. - This can only mean that a large number of Danes are victims of racism without any body taking care of that from the side of the authorities.

Meanwhile assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur is going to sue the Metropolitan police force for racism. The National Black Police Association President, legal adviser and signer off of those accounts- Ali Dizaei, said last night that Ghaffur would sue the force. Dizaei told the Guardian "No doubt about it, he will sue. He's just had enough."

And so have we all.