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Jude BuntingJude BuntingIsn't it time we had a look at our legal system? Civil Rights lawyers are meant to uphold our civil rights. Judges are meant to give sensible judgements - not simply keep to the letter of the law. In that case we may as well use computers. The acknowledged dangerous terrorist, Abu Qatada, is released on under house arrest. He cannot be sent to Jordan in case his human rights are compromised but he is allowed to organise and recruit in his cosy, taxpayer funded London home. Or, is his home bugged? I doubt it as this would also compromise his human rights. Our jails are full of heroin yet our soldiers are dying in Helmand province to try to control drugs which fund the Taleban.

A pretty businesswoman, Sarah Des Rosiers has been dragged through the courts at great expense to herself and ordered to pay a frumpy Muslim called Bushra Noah, £4,000. This was obviously a set up. Ms Noah had tried 25 hairdressers and had been refused a job. Who bets that Ms Desrosiers was the only one unfortunate enough to mention the headscarf? Bingo said Noah and friends and trooped off to the nearest friendly legal aid department..

On 16 June 2008, an employment tribunal panel dismissed Bushra Noah's claim of religious discrimination against Sarah Des Rosiers, the owner of a hair salon.

We were satisfied by the respondent's evidence that the claimant was not treated less favourably than the respondent would have treated a woman who, whether Muslim or not, for a reason other than religious belief wears a hair covering at all times when at work, they said.

Despite this judgement, Sarah was ordered to pay £4,000 compensation to Noah for indirect discrimination and injury to feelings.The panel explained:

There was no specific evidence before us as to what would have been the actual impact of the claimant working in her salon with her head covered at all times.

So, despite Sarah telling them that she needed stylists to showcase alternative hairstyles to illustrate the funky, urban image of her hair salon, the panel could see no problem in Miss Noah fitting in.
Bushra and SarahBushra and Sarah
Tooks Chambers is a large, modern and efficient set of barristers united in their commitment to access to justice and representation without fear or favour ........ having emphasis on protecting the individual against the interests of the state. Really. One of their pupil barristers Jude Bunting defended B. Noah. We are told that:

Jude has regular experience in all areas of the law of discrimination. Jude has also acted in a wide range of employment disputes including victimisation, breach of contract, restrictive covenants and unfair dismissal.

He has the gall to defend this woman and Tooks Chambers proudly admit of his success on their website. We all know that they aim only to earn money but surely there should be some standards!
Wedge stylistsWedge stylists
The case was heard at the Central London Employment Tribunal. The same place where Major Rabia Siddique, also female and Muslim, was awarded an undisclosed sum of money for NOT being given a medal when she had been brave. I hope she gives some of her gains to Help for Heroes and the fund for a pool and PE complex at Headley Court for disabled servicemen.

The legal profession used to be criticised for being out of touch and conservative. Their new agenda would appear to be way to the left of common sense.
These sort of decisions make a joke of our legal system and are an insult to the general population - which includes sensible Muslims.

If you visit the Wedge salon, leave a big tip for Sarah Des Rosiers. She deserves it.

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