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Ready for Mr Burnham Ready for Mr Burnham
Any thing's possible, so they say. While MPs from all parties in the House of Commons have expressed their opposition to the 42 detention legislation there is a lingering doubt about some of the support for David Davis. Are some of the more rubber-necked Nulabour types thinking that in supporting Davis they are wrong-footing David Cameron? Others take a less subtle approach and seem to put the boot in.

Take Andy Burnham for example, he is the member for the Leigh constituency of Greater Manchester and The Culture Secretary so sits in the Cabinet. The fragrant Mr Burnham has opinions on the connection between Shami Chakrabarti and David Davis in respect of the 42 day detention plan and Burnham had made his thoughts known via 'Progress'. According to the online version -

Progress is the independent organisation for Labour party members and trade unionists.
Through our national and regional events and regular publications, we seek to promote open debate and discussion of progressive ideas and policies.
Further more we are told that Burnham is one of the vice chairs of the organisation.

In an article in the Independent see HERE we learn that Mr Burnham suggested she had been "seduced" by the former shadow home secretary's opposition to 42-day pre-charge detention and that they had taken part in late night "heart-melting" phone calls.

The same story is also an article in the Telegraph see HERE In this account we read that Chakrabarti
is demanding a written apology from Mr Burnham to herself and Doreen Davis, the wife the of the ex-MP who resigned his seat this week to fight a by-election on the issue of civil liberties in protest at the Government's 42 days plans. And also that her letter says:

"I am writing in relation to your recent article in the ironically titled Progress magazine".

Further on we also learn Mrs Chakrabarti, who was left distraught at Mr Burnham's article, told friends that she is reluctant to sue as she is a champion of free speech, but that any money won from legal proceedings will go to Liberty's campaign funds.

Mind you some of us think it not at all ironic that Burnham a Nulabour rising star and member of the House of Commons Football Team should choose to put the boot in via a dreary online magazine called Progress for that is just one of the many ingredients missing in Nulabour.