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Irish independence swept away

Down the river Down the river
So it's all over and Lisbon is now law, perhaps. So we all forget and the whole issue fades to grey? Perhaps not. Rather like there are some parts of the UK still recovering from the floods of last year there is still a lot of political clearing up to do post Lisbon. There are signs on the walls of buildings in some parts of Kingston on Thames to show and commemorate the high water mark of the 1947 floods. Some people never forget. So how do we record the high water mark of Lisbon? Well as the second worst Prime Minister the UK has had since records began often used to tell us, "it is too early to say". But it could be due to the small things that we mark our position. For example Cuba was in the news recently see HERE.

It's hard to tell someone what and what not to buy with their own money. Equally it's hard to understand a bank saying who, or not, a business may trade with. Lloyds TSB has written to customers who have dealings with Cuba saying they will have take their accounts elsewhere, apparently in the wake of threats by the US government, which operates an embargo against Cuba.

The Cuban embassy was critical of the bank's move, saying the Bush administration, in continuing the US's "illegal, worldwide economic warfare against Cuba", had been increasingly resorting to pressure through business and finance.

To the rescue here comes Dr Ian Gibson Nulabour MP for Norwich North and Chairman of the House of Commons All-Party Group for Cuba, he said -

"We will be taking action against this vindictive political campaign"

Too right, perhaps an independent country such as Cuba needs support to stand up against the USA. But what about Ireland? For since the Irish voted NO on the Lisbon Treaty Gibson's party Nulabour has been at great pains to stress that they do not want to see the Irish bullied in anyway, right again? Well up to a point, for the long term EU watcher will know that to say that a thing will not happen, like bullying, is in fact to threaten such a thing in a crude barely coded way. So who will stand up for the Irish against the EU? The Irish are a democratic country after all while Cuba is not, does that count for anything? For the record Dr Ian Gibson was loyal to his party and voted for the Lisbon Treaty. Somebody will have to put a sign on the wall of the Palace of Westminster commemorating when Irish independence got swept away down the river.