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What is it about these people? Last week the Friends of the Earth brigade of the eco-army suggested that Mayor of London Boris Johnson had acted too slowly to select an environmental advisor. The story was, naturally, reported in the Evening Standard, see HERE.

There are many things that mark out and define the eco-environmental debate, or lack thereof. Reliable statistics and an element of hysteria being just two. Five whole weeks without Boris picking a green guru, tut tut. So, based on the fact that one term for the Mayor of London is four years, here are some facts: five weeks out of four years is 2.4%.

We are also told that there are 'big challenges" to reduce the capital's carbon emissions by 60 per cent by 2028, twenty years away. Now five weeks of twenty years is 0.5%, what is this man doing, what is he up to? There is also talk about Boris needing 'expert advice', does this translate into 'one of us'? As so many of the 'experts' seem to disagree on matters eco-environmental one may assume the fear is Boris will pick a 'wrong-un'. The wrong kind of expert being a bit like the 'wrong kind of snow'.

No expert was required to scrap the free sheet newspaper that Ken Livingstone had delivered to every door in London. However, these free sheets are ideal for pushing propaganda, many cities in the UK have them and they tend to be all the same carrying a mantra-like message beloved of the eco-army. So perhaps it is the loss of this propaganda tool that really annoys them. However, the money saved is being used to plant more trees in London, (see above) .

More facts - Sian Berry of the Green Party brigade did badly in the 2008 elections, failing even to be elected to the London Assembly. This is not because the good folk of London want a worse environment in which to live. They are not fed up with the message but the messenger.
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Quality of life issues matter to us all but very often it seems as if there is a them and us, home and away, dimension to it all. Quality of life is local politics, parochial, dull and introspective. The sort of thing that people with greying hair prattle on about, ugh! But the environment, well what could be sassier, young and above all vibrant; the rain forest and not Waltham Forest, what real people do, yeah! So, Ken Livingstone opened offices in far-away places to do what? The other man's grass is always greener is a well worn phrase that takes on a very new meaning when the other man lives the other side of the world, especially when every London voter could see there is so much to do closer to home.

The message from the Green brigade prior to the 2008 elections was that: "Boris would be bad for the environment", yeah yeah yeah, if you say so! Anyway, regarding 'expert' advice, not only Boris could do with some but Sian Berry as well. For she advised her supporters to give second preference votes to Ken Livingstone, (see right) . So her campaign was tainted, or polluted if you prefer. As a result my advice is - I suggest she doesn't do that again.