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Or that could be less

A leek A leek
Once upon a time, and I suspect more than once, perhaps all the time; --- there now follows a little story that comes to me via Flights Orchard Organics. This is a vegbox supplier based in Herefordshire. It is all about vegetables and Tesco. Are you sitting comfortably?

A few weeks ago we had a surplus of leeks due to the way the season was going so we sold some to a company that packs for Tesco (this is always a last resort). On Friday the buyer phoned to see if we had anymore as he was desperately trying to keep the line going so they wouldn't be 'delisted', to which I said we had finished and had he tried Holland? He had tried the whole of Europe and his next port of call was to fly them in from America!
A lot of leeks A lot of leeks
Now this says several things about supermarket supply, the fear of of not supplying makes suppliers do incredible short term things. It appears that supermarkets really don't care about food miles, nor do they really care about seasonal food. It is the 2nd of June today, who cares if they haven't got leeks, oil is $130 US a barrel, do Tesco really need organic leeks so much they will fly them in?

We are told that one third of all food produced is thrown away and with the lecture on food from the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, still ringing in our ears its hard to take it all in. Especially as the Sec Gen and his team are suggesting there is a 'world food crisis'. So, naturally, there would have to be a vast increase in the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation budget to deal with all this. I'm never sure about the UN, it's been in a bit of a state for so long perhaps it's the best we can hope for. I'm not sure about the politics of food either. If you would wish to learn more look HERE.
An empty plate An empty plate
Naturally, I wish that nobody suffers starvation, or even shortages, is there a world food crisis? Perhaps, but not as the UN thinks.(For example an estimated 1.5 million tonnes of American rice that is sitting in Japanese silos as described by The Times is soon to be released.) But then, do they get anything right? I say a huge mess is coming our way and we deserve it.