Unfair city

Apart in diversity?


PCSO for only a year, Naeem Naguthney has already left his mark. He played a prominent role at a conference to launch the West Midlands branch of the National Association of Muslim police by giving a reading from the Koran. His next claim to fame was when he ordered a couple of American Evangelists to get out of his area saying that they had committed a 'hate crime' by trying to convert Muslims. He also racially abused the preachers for being American. ( He is, presumably, British and hence similarly responsible for the UK's war).

His action was supported by other officers. This is the same police force that bizarrely tried to charge Channel 4 for exposing fanatical Muslim preachers at a Birmingham mosque yet demoted an officer from an elite force dealing with anti-terrorism just because he had pin ups of Jordan on the inside of his locker.

The preachers, Americans Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham, are demanding an apology and compensation from West Midlands Police.They say their treatment breaks the Human Rights Act, which guarantees freedom of religious expression.

West Midlands police have refused to apologise. Full story from the Daily Mail. By the way Naguthney was aided into his job by Aston Pride's Employment Connections Team, who directed him to a short training course being run through `Fair Cities', which gave him guaranteed access to the West Midlands Police's recruitment and selection process for their growing number of PCSO vacancies.

The appointment of Mr Naguthney probably earns the WMP an extra brownie point for getting another ethnic minority employee. However, just think about being a Muslim woman living in his beat area. Would you report domestic violence or 'honour' crime to such a man?