Stop and search?

Stop and think before you speak?

Rogues gallery, Aynsley-Green Rogues gallery, Aynsley-Green
In today's Daily Mail Melanie Phillips is writing about the rise in the number of young people dying from stab wounds. She is understandably horrified by this sort of crime seemingly spiralling ever upwards with no sign of a fix in sight. But she gets really angry and again understandably so with the person she calls the 'children's tsar', Sir Al Aynsley-Green.

This is typical of her mood on Aynsley-Green -

"As if this epidemic of violence wasn't bad enough, we have to put up with the utterances of the Children's Commissioner, Sir Al Aynsley-Green.

According to this ridiculous figure, the stop-and-search powers being belatedly used by the police to curb such attacks might further antagonise young people.

Said Sir Al: "Anything that perpetuates the view that children are the troublemakers is a dangerous development."

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Rogues gallery, Copper Blair Rogues gallery, Copper Blair
In true Melanie Phillips style it is a powerful overview of yet another sorry subject so typical in today's world. Knife crime is just one of so many social problems. We have a level of malaise that is unacceptable but the default state.

Melanie Phillips also notes that Aynsley-Green claims -

"Britain has moved on from an era of authoritarianism when you did what you were told".
Now that is a remark that interests me as authoritarianism needs defining. What is authority and what is an example of too much? Well I would suggest that Britain has moved back to such a thing in the form of too many CCTV cameras. Our police seem besotted with these and other such gadgets, the UK is awash with speed cameras.

And again I agree with Melanie Phillips who says -

"Worse still has been the breakdown in policing and its principal duty to preserve public tranquillity. Government targets have encouraged the police to inflate the number of crimes they record as having detected and cleared up".

The implication here is that the police fiddle their statistics to suit their paymasters, but then why not? The government do it all the time producing yards of spurious 'facts'. Gordon Brown cannot open his mouth without a flood of numbers pouring fourth.

The question must be what do the UK police do, what are they for? Solving serious crime is another area that eludes them and proof of that is the failure of the Serious Organised Crime Agency, Soca, which was wound up recently after pathetic results. See full story HERE

Rogues gallery, Blair No1 Rogues gallery, Blair No1
The Evening Standard underlines the anger of Melanie Phillips with another view of the problem of knife crime and youth. It was the papers opinion that Sir Ian Blair served Nulabour "above and beyond the call of duty". Hence there was a problem for Boris Johnson, who was very keen on reducing knife crime, on becoming Mayor of London namely what to do with the Head of the Metropolitan Police? Boris wanted to sack Sir Ian Blair but in the end there was a 'truce', see full article HERE

But back to Sir Al Aynsley-Green, not mentioned in the Melanie Phillips article is that he is a professor. Now, as I understand it, professors are elected by their colleagues. If Aynsley-Green is as ridiculous as Melanie Phillips suggests why did not these people spot the problem? Perhaps his elevation tells us a lot about what is wrong with universities in Britain. So who was in charge when Aynsley-Green was appointed to his post of children's tsar? Well Tony Blair was Prime Minister so he must be the villain and anyone who can start an illegal war is quite capable of anything. (Our apologies to anyone who found the images attached to this post disturbing)