Counter terrorism- West Midlands style.

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Anil PataniAnil Patani

The Kafkaesque attempt by the West Midlands Police (WMP) to prosecute Channel 4 for 'inciting racial hatred' has become a sick joke. Channel 4 portrayed rabble rousing imams railing against kuffaars, homosexuals, jews and women and spitting hatred of almost everything yet the WMP decided to back the imams. Channel 4 sued the West Midlands' Police force, and was awarded £100,000 which they are to give to charity. The West Midlands taxpayer will also have to pay for all the money spent on the 8 month investigation and legal fees. The Dispatches documentary 'undercover mosque' was an incredibly frightening portrait of how our police forces have let us down.

Channel 4 and the reporter who went undercover put themselves at tremendous risk to produce this documentary as religious fanatics tend to issue death threats when they are criticised. Presumably the WMP force are totally unaware or worse totally unconcerned about what happens in Britain's mosques. See the video.

Assistant Chief Constable (Security and Cohesion) Anil Patani was the chief investigator but presumably the Chief Constable Sir Paul Scott-Lee QPM must also have known about this and gave his consent.

Anil Patani joined Nottinghamshire Police in 1981. In 1990, when a sergeant, he evidently sued for racial discrimination and won the case. Later on he was also rejected for the post of superintendent. He made a complaint of racism which was upheld. He was then put on the fast track for promotion and became a superintendent.
undercover mosque 
preacher of hateundercover mosque preacher of hate
Between 1996 and 1999 he had a number of secondments to Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) to work on a series of inspections on community and race relations, including the post–Macpherson Review of the Metropolitan Police. He later became a Chief Superintendent.

He joined West Midlands Police as an Assistant Chief Constable in April 2003 and had lots of important jobs. He held the portfolio of Criminal Justice, and seemed to sit on numerous boards, forums and strategy partnerships with names that defy interpretation by the layman

In December 2004 there were the Bezhti riots between Sikh extremists. See report here. No one was convicted and Ruth Kelly MP piped up to say that she fully sympathised with the feelings of the rioters. The 2005 Lozells riots involved the black and Asian communities, the black people claiming unfair allocation of the huge amounts of money spent presumably on 'community cohesion'. There is also the postal vote rigging which Richard Mawrey QC said: 'would disgrace a banana republic.' So there are lots of problems. Anil Patani was in charge of conviction policy at this time.

In May 2007 he took up a brand new post, being responsible for security and cohesion. The newly created position means he has overall responsibility for counter terrorism, including the factors that drive terrorism, as well as public safety, confidence and reassurance. God help us because I'm sure Allah won't, if the words of these imams at Green Lane mosque are anything to go by.
Sir Paul Scott-Lee QPM.jpgSir Paul Scott-Lee QPM.jpg

WMP cannot be solely blamed as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) gave them lots of support and encouragement. (CPS) lawyer Bethan David scrutinised 56 hours of media footage from the Undercover Mosque only some of which was used in the broadcast. She said: "The splicing together of extracts from longer speeches appears to have completely distorted what the speakers were saying..... The CPS has demonstrated it will not hesitate to prosecute."
Miss David advised police against invoking the Public Order Act 1986 against Channel 4, stating she found insufficient evidence racial hatred had been stirred by the programme, and no evidence that had been the broadcaster's intention. That's OK then.

A recent report by the Centre for Social Cohesion on honour violence revealed:

Several women’s groups, particularly in the Midlands and northern England, say they are often reluctant to go to the police with women who have ran away to escape violence because they cannot trust Asian police officers. Zalikha Ahmed, director of the Apna Haq refuge, says: “We have to be careful with them especially the Asian ones. We don’t visit the station when certain Asian officers are on because some of them are perpetrators, and one of them on record said that he would not arrest someone who used force on his wife. Some of them would just expose us for what we do.” Another worker in a women’s group in the North, who requested anonymity for safety reasons, said: “We had instances when a [Asian] chief inspector offered his help to a family by tracking a girl down – we were appalled."
..The report's authors noticed that women's groups appeared to have problems with one force in particular. It was the West Midlands police.

Haras Rafiq of the Sufi Muslim Council, said:
'Wahhabis and their offshoots are teaching Muslim youngsters that America and Britain are against them and therefore they need to get up and fight with them. The radicalising power of this ideology is extremely dangerous.'

Abdal-Hakim Murad of Cambridge University described Saudi influence as 'potentially lethal for the future of the community'.

Green Lane MosqueGreen Lane Mosque

West Midlands Police have shown that its preferred associates in the Muslim community are Wahhabites and assorted radical Islamists rather than the nonsectarian Muslim mainstream. We have incompetent people in positions of great power in the police force and the CPS. They are political appointees and are following the strange policies of this government which perversely likes to ally itself with religious fundamentalists. By trying to prosecute Channel 4 rather than the fanatics and appearing to have no surveillance strategy on mosques and gurdwaras, the higher echelons in the West Midlands Police force have shown themselves unfit for purpose.

I said God help us but have just realised that his representative in the UK is Archbishop Rowan Williams!