Democracy for some

Violence is OK but not white racism

Labour is
going to listen 
to the people?Labour is going to listen to the people?

In the London mayoral election nearly 70,000 people voted BNP compared to 77,000 for the Greens on the first preference vote.The other candidates walked out whilst the BNP assembly member Richard Barnbrook was speaking and Boris evidently says that he will be ignored and will have no staff.

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission of Equality and Human Rights, said there was a clear choice facing communities who are witnessing an influx of migrants see here, speaking at the Scottish TUC annual congress in Glasgow he showed his contempt for the British National Party by saying they should be treated as "less than human". He said: "We will see communities standing up for asylum seekers who want to live as part of that community. We will see the Scottish government welcoming them as part of the fresh talent initiative....But we will also see the ugly face. We will see those who will assault a woman and baby simply because they are foreigners."

Now, far be it from me but didn't the current government: deport a woman who was dying of kidney failure and send home a Filipino man whose wife, while working for the NHS, ironically died as a result of a clinical mistake by the NHS? Didn't this government's officials handcuff and arrest dozen or so illegal workers and asked the BBC to film this - presumably thinking this a vote winner? See Hearts and minds below.
Bezhti supporter
Councillor called
her ' ignorant' Bezhti supporter Councillor called her ' ignorant'
So, does this mean that any democratically elected party or representative that we don't like should be sent to Coventry? Here are some others that would fit:

Sinn Fein - former terrorist murderers, money launderers, protection racketeers and inciters of religious hatred against Protestants. Praised because they have renounced violence.

Democratic Unionist Party- former terrorist murderers, money launderers, protection racketeers and inciters of religious hatred against Roman Catholics. Praised because they have renounced violence.

Sikh Federation- aims for representation by positive discrimination amongst mainstream parties, wishes for: the lifting of the ban on the alleged terrorist organisation the International Sikh Youth Federation and self determination of the Sikh nation. See website. Strong presence in the 'Bezhti' riots, see below, brandishing sheathed swords and trashing the Birmingham Rep.
Islamic lib?Islamic lib?
Islamic Party of Great Britain - according to the Islamic Party of Britain's website: ' it would need to safeguard public decency by preventing any public advocacy for homosexuality. Such activity would come under the heading of public incitement. The death penalty the questioner mentions only applies to a public display of lewdness witnessed by several people.Quote from website. Incidentally a top Respect party leader, parliamentary candidate and major financier - Dr Mohammed Naseem – is the Home Affairs spokesman of the Islamic Party of Britain and chair of the Birmingham Central Mosque.

SWP from website The Authentic Marxist Tradition: It is a tradition which has sought always to unite theory and practice and therefore has never rested content with received wisdom or fixed dogma but has sought to apply Marxism to a changing world. Its most important contributions include theories of the party (Lenin), the mass strike (Luxemburg), permanent revolution (Trotsky), imperialism and the world economy (Luxemburg, Bukharin, Lenin and Trotsky), the counter-revolutionary role of Stalinism (Trotsky), fascism (Trotsky) and the restoration of the activist, dialectical element in Marxist philosophy (Lenin, Gramsci and Lukacs).

Left List is yet another combination of the SWP and Respect.

Peoples Justice Party ( PJP) - campaigned for Kashmir's independence and formerly had two councillors in Birmingham before joining the Lib Dems. Tahir Ali, a Labour councillor of Kashmiri origin in the inner-city ward of Nechells, said the PJP has exploited the Kashmiri issue to win votes. "They're going in on single race and single community issues. In that respect, they're no different from the BNP [British National party]."
Gurdial Singh AtwalGurdial Singh Atwal

New Labour Party - the war, ID cards, no referendum, biofuels, foot and mouth debacle and so on. Birmingham Councillor Gurdial Singh Atwal was one of the chief campaigners against Bezhti (dishonour) a play by Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti set in a Gurdwara. As a result the Birmingham Rep was trashed, the play taken off and Gurpreet received murder threats and went into hiding. Atwal criticised young Sikhs who thought the play Bezhti was fine : if people hold that view, then they are not aware of their religion, they are ignorant .....They have to learn more about their culture and the values of the community. Gurdial Atwal and Chaman Lal, another councillor threatened to withdraw funding for the play both men have been retained as Labour candidates and have been re-elected . No-one has been seen walking out of the council chamber when they start talking. See page 14 of a research paper about Bezhti here.

So, we have Marxists, Islamists, Kashmir liberationists, Sikh fundamentalists, the political wings of Northern Irish terrorist groups and the BNP. I don't like any of them but they were voted for and we have to put up with this in a democracy. The pariah status given the BNP over these other parties will simply ensure them more votes as people feel that their votes are being ignored whereas others, some of whom have actually been violent and committed crimes are accepted out of fear and political expediency.