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NuLabour election strategy?NuLabour election strategy?

On May 5th the BBC repeated throughout the day film of a police and immigration officials raid on a chicken factory in Derbyshire, to which the BBC was invited along to film. In fact the raid took place on April 15th and there was no rush to make it public. See video here.

The BBC describes the raid as follows:

About 60 officers, backed up by the police, walked into a chicken processing factory in Derbyshire. Police intelligence had suggested that illegal immigrants were working there.
‘In a large processing room 56 workers, all of them from overseas, were preparing chicken pieces for the retail trade.
‘UK BIA officers burst into the room, shouting loudly and telling the workers to put their knives down.‘The shocked workers were lined up against a wall and told they would be questioned to see if they were in the country legally.

‘After several hours of questioning it was determined that 22 of the workers were illegal immigrants. Fingerprints were taken and paperwork examined.‘The illegal immigrants, from a variety of countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, were led out of the building in handcuffs and taken to police stations.‘The rest of the workers were sent home.’

The employer was not put up against the wall or put in handcuffs and taken off to a police station. Gordon did say that he wanted British jobs for British workers. Is this his way of achieving this?