Not our fault

It was the EU that done it

Your taxes fund
Anjem ChoudaryYour taxes fund Anjem Choudary

Nu Labour want to detain suspected terrorists for 42 days, yet further imposing restrictions on our civil liberties. However, it has never bothered to control our borders or immigration rates. Yet another rabid Islamist Anjem Choudary, the co-founder of, the now banned, Al-Muhajiroun in Britain is still travelling the country preaching hate whilst living comfortably on state and housing benefits of over £25,000 a year. Abu Hamza was known to be implicated in terrorism in Yemen and nefarious practices at the Regents Park mosque yet was allowed to preach openly with police protection which was estimated to have cost over £1 million and was only grudgingly brought to justice. We cannot deport terrorists because of Human Rights legislation although other EU countries do this with impunity.

The Lords report that mass immigration has brought marginal or negative benefits and agree with Sir Andrew Green of Migrationwatch on this. Many second and third generation British citizens from the Caribbean and the Sub-Continent also agree. Britain is overcrowded. The Conservatives say we should have a quota for immigration and control our borders. Nulabour want biometric ID cards and a national database and yet more restrictive criminal and anti-terrorist legislation. The Lib Dems want to be nice to everyone. However, none of them mention that we have no free choice on these matters. I mention the letters E&U. People yawn - not that again. But yes, a majority of our legislation is made in the EU. In 1997 the Gurkhas HQ moved from Hong Kong to London and only those serving after this can qualify to become EU citizens. ( Technically we have an opt out but abandoned it and have followed EU rules.) The citizens of all the 26 EU countries have the free right to stay in Britain. We have to impose rulings such as lower drink limits in our driving laws, no smoking, cars with headlights permanently on, biofuels and so on. Whatever the merits, or not, of any of this it is not our decision. Whichever of the 3 main parties you vote for in a General Election will not change this.
Not his fault.
Blame BarrosoNot his fault. Blame Barroso
A quarter of the working population are 'inactive'. These people are either socially deprived if they are non- white, lazy and feckless if they are white working class or helpless if they are on disability and need help to get back into work. New immigrants are to a man: hard- working, enthusiastic, vibrant, well-trained and educated , with an excellent work ethic; not to mention that they cost far, far less.

Why do we destroy the health, confidence and self-respect of a generation of Brits, not to mention taking the most skilled from poorer nations? No-one has any interest in credible apprenticeships and training if cheap labour is available from abroad. Surely the fifth richest country in the world can manage to set up a few technical apprenticeships that are not of the 'Micky Mouse' variety? It is so much easier in certain circumstances to rely on generous state benefits, as in the case of Mr Choudary above. It is not really worth the bother of working to get about the same amount of money.

Our politicians have overseen uncontrolled mass immigration, positively encouraged radical preachers and jihadists, provided poor training and education in the inner cities, failed to deal with illegal entrants who may have no means of support apart from crime, encouraged cheap booze available at any time and then has the cheek to say we need stern measures to control the very problems they have created! No wonder people vote BNP, if they vote at all, as a protest.