Hello government

Goodbye peace and quiet

Holding on Holding on

Way back in November 2007 the article entitled, 'What shall we do?', sub-title, 'Goodbye Belgium' was posted. In it the predicament of Belgium was explained in so far as, at the posting date, Belgium had been without a government for 170 days and the saga looked due to run and run. And it did. Good job the article was not finished with the well worn phrase, "Don't hold your breath", for full article see HERE.

Well the long wait is over and Belgium is now back in the land of the governed. The political intricacies are not too important here, just the fact that Belgium managed very nicely-thank-you without the Belgian equivalent of Gordon Brown droning on about schoolsandhospitals ad nauseam.

How will it all work out? Well, to use a phrase beloved of Gordon the Grumps predecessor, "it's too early to say". But I have a feeling these things are fragile by nature; I would say things about chocolate teapots and getting into hot water, as Belgium is famous for chocolate, but I think you have had enough metaphor to be getting on with.

Finally I'll point out that altogether, it seems, Belgium went 280 days without a government, is this a European record? The record for holding your breath is just under 10 mins, but is surrounded in controversy. A bit like Belgium I suppose. And by the way the swimmer holding his breath in the image above may look like Nick Clegg but is not, I think.