Forced marriage is not a crime!

Cultural relativism.

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Forced marriage should be an abhorrent crime but in New Britain it is a 'cultural problem' and treated 'sensitively' so that no-one is offended and no electoral votes are lost. It is claimed by New Labour that to make it a specific crime would only drive it underground ! This is a weird type of logic. As it seems pretty much underground at the moment.

The Metropolitan police have called for forced marriage to be made a criminal offence, suggesting a link between the practice and “honour” killings and arguing that it would make prosecutions easier. However, the government rejected this.

Tony Blair supported making forced marriage a civil offence and the subsequent Forced Marriages Act of 2007 made such marriages simply 'unlawful' and subject only to civil prosecutions; victims could sue for damages rather than the offenders being sent to jail. Forced marriage is hence an abuse which typically involves criminal offences. So, rape of young, innocent Asian girls is merely an abuse! The term cultural relativism springs to mind.

It is argued that rape is a serious crime and this includes drunken couples and spouses. However, parents who knowingly arrange for the kidnap and rape of their own child are simply misguided and for children under 16 they are organising a paedophile crime, and this in Twenty first century Britain.

Police guidelines tell us that :' Parents who force their children to marry feel often justify their behaviour as preserving cultural and religious traditions. They do not see anything wrong in their actions... parental rights are also important.' Would something similar be written if this concerned paedophilia with white children? Yet this is what it is when the children are under 16.
The police guidelines tell officers in bold letters not to trust doctors and police officers from the community of the child in question and not give any information to community leaders, councillors and MPs. What hope is there if it has come to this?

Everything is 'culturally sensitive' and everyone tippy toes around the 'problem' being nice to everyone and dealing with the issue in hushed tones like a secret service manoeuvre. It now appears that this is not simply a problem for people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh but also affects People from Africa, China and even Europe.
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This is not something we can solve by just trying to rescue the young girls (or boys). This has only just started to be taken seriously. Many of the guidelines are sensible and wide-ranging however, the government will still continue to be complicit in :kidnap, rape, abduction, violence and murder if tougher action is not taken.

Forced marriage must become a crime in its own right. Then the statistics will start to show the extent of the problem and whether particular measures are working.

Citizenship should involve signing an affidavit that includes agreeing with British law regarding : apostasy, homosexuality, forced marriage and FGM and so on. This is more important than knowing what to do if you spill someone's drink. ( This is question 8 of New Labour's citizenship test.)

Legal measures could be taken such as these. in A British way of life

The age of both sponsoring and entering as in a spouse should be raised to 24yrs.
(In Denmark, where the age requirement was raised in 2002 to 24, there was a 27% drop in the number of applications for family reunification in the first six months.)

Interviews to check that the marriage is free should be conducted prior to entry in the UK

Severe and public sentences should be imposed for parents and relatives responsible for forced marriage - otherwise parents who are charged with forcing a child to marry should have their British passports removed and be expelled from the UK if they have dual citizenship.

Our prisons are full. We cannot imprison all the parents and relatives who commit this crime. This is presumably why New Labour refused to list this as a crime - too much hassle and no room in the jails.

If even the police say that police officers, doctors, MPs, councillors and community leaders are not to be trusted in such situations then something is seriously wrong. The present annual estimate is that about 4,000 women are raped, kidnapped and subjected to violence as a result of forced marriage..
HMG forced marriageHMG forced marriage
Hence it is yet another crime that should be prevented. However, can you imagine the fuss from the 'community leaders' the claims of racism and Islamophobia, the fearful thought of loss of New Labour votes.This type of thinking is an insult to people from the sub-continent.

But, it's not going to happen so we shall all continue to be complicit in this. Politicians will claim to be appalled about this. Where have they been the last half century? Ann Cryer amongst others has been pointing out the problem for a long time but has been largely ignored. It would appear that some rapes are less important than others.