Bishop's move?

Hats off to Dr Williams Hats off to Dr Williams
First the speech, that speech, the one that 'raised eyebrows' then the turmoil. Next the, will he won't he resign phase, then the interventions, one from Gordon Brown, I'll bet that helped no end. And now the did he, or not, apologise. "Unclarity" is the word Dr Williams used, and trust him to come up with such an unusual word to describe what most people would regard as his moment of madness. Like Sir Ian Blair, the Met Chief of Police, Williams will no doubt see it as his 'duty' to go on and not resign. Like Blair he will drag down the organisation he leads. I would imagine many people have sat through a dull sermon, and even sermons with clarity can be dull. Likewise I imagine most people have sat through a lesson where their whole mind and body fought the desire to fall asleep; such was the manner of the lecture. Dr Williams has been a preacher and a teacher all his life, I wonder how many millions of pairs of eyelids have fought the effects of gravity on his watch. It's all very well Williams and his supporters talking about nuanced dialogue, the implication here being that the public, "decent folk mind you, don't get me wrong" they would affirm, whilst holding that nonetheless they are generally too thick to understand what was being said. And this aspect of the whole saga was one of the most unpleasant, the sheer loftiness of it, the detachment bordering on arrogance. The fact is, if Williams wants the Church of England, his Church, to decline further he carries on with his present strategy, I assume he has one. Or, if he would like a reversal of fortune he goes. For many people the speech, that speech, has been all about Sharia, up to a point Dr Williams, up to a point. In fact the outcry is really based on the anger of secular Britain, the true description of the majority of the UK. The people sick and tired of both creeping Sharia and dozy Bishops; and just to ram the point home these people vote, they matter. So with all the clarity I can muster I say: the disestablishment of the Church of England is "unavoidable".