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Rollie Free. Rollie Free.
The EU will soon force all vehicles to use their headlights during daylight. Naturally the UK will also be forced to comply, even though up till now the UK's position on this subject has been based on evidence of need rather than diktat.

Quote from the ROSPA website - Motorcycle Training The Beginner's Guide -

7.5.6 Some countries are considering the mandatory introduction of the use of daytime running lights for all vehicles. However, there is concern that this may adversely affect motorcyclists, in that if all vehicles use headlamps during the day, conspicuity of two-wheelers will be reduced.

7.5.7 The UK government currently has no plans to introduce mandatory daytime running lights for motorcyclists or for all vehicles, and would only consider this option if it was supported by evidence of its likely effectiveness, and after considering any increased environmental costs (in CO2 terms) due to the energy to power the lights. However, the Highway Code does advise motorcyclists that using dipped headlights in daylight may increase their conspicuity.

Such are the 'advantages' of not only membership of the EU, but being able to make our case at the top table and the strong defence of UK interests etc, our famous red lines and all that. Rather like creeping sharia, you start off with a little but end up with a lot; a case was made to have motorcyclists use headlights so as to make them more conspicuous and thus reduce accidents. Now ALL vehicles will be required to stand out from the crowd, which defeats the original aim of the idea. The case for and against running lights has had plenty of effort spent on it, there is, in my opinion, no clear outcome to say that any class of vehicle should use daytime running lights, let alone all. However, you can make your own minds up after reading HERE. And especially HERE.

But then we are talking the EU here, so you don't expect a quality outcome do you? And of course once such things have been introduced, like speed cameras, there can always be an 'independent' study to justify their retention. Joined up government? More like mass hysteria!

An explanation for the picture above. In 1948 American born Rollie Free (1900 - 1984) rode a UK made Vincent motorcycle to a new record speed of 150.313mph. And yes free was his real name.