Money money money

Your chance to help

ten bob OK?ten bob OK?
I assume you know that Gordon Brown has written a book on Courage? I mention this because it would, in the present climate, take real courage to be a political party fundraiser. Over time all political parties seem to come off worse on this subject, a sort of - where there's muck there's more muck scenario. Hence the need to keep the party Leader and the money a great distance apart at all times. So I say pity the poor fundraiser who must know the score when they take on the job. As, at the first sign of trouble they are supposed to fall on their sword and protect Number One, a sort of flanking manoeuvre to draw off the press corps; remember Lord Levy? So, damned if you don't get the money in, and damned if you do as well.

Politics is unpopular with the public who, according to the political class, are not merely supposed to watch in awe but are to take part as well, both as voters and doners, especially the latter. But they don't. So how to punish them and make them mend their ways? State funding for political parties, that's how. The money for all this hard and vital work at Westminster will be raised via taxes. The over 75s will be let off as with the TV licence, but that's all. The rest of us will have to dig deep to help an assorted bunch of legislators and referendum deniers so they can lead us all to a better life; remember enough innocent party officials have already been hurt. From time to time the subject of state aid for political parties does come up, there's a little dance then it disappears. Even if each time it does this the political heavyweights say they are not interested in this form of funding, you know the time will come when we will have 'a review'.

Traditionally people did volunteer, and politics was a calling. Now it's just another career path. I've recently heard in a Law Court a QC describe the expenses paid to a Councillor as income, as if it were a job. If Alice (Wonderland), and that's her home not her constituency, did have an opinion on this problem of party funding it might have been "and all must have problems". And that's how it should stay, fool's gold for all, the giver and the receiver.