Who governs Britain?

The media does dummy.

Don't our children just love him?Don't our children just love him?Remember that poll asking who governed Britain? I voted for José Manuel Barroso but I have now changed my mind. The mainstream media (MSM) runs Britain. A couple of weeks ago Gordon Brown was leading the polls by a mile. He was acclaimed as: a marvellous intellectual, a safe pair of hands, the best Chancellor we had ever had. No mention of : his support for Blair's wars, the selling off of our gold reserves really cheaply, the pensions' fiasco, the huge numbers of government officials which made our unemployment statistics low, the looming British sub-prime crisis, PFI and enormous debt. No mention of the fact that he was left with a good economy during world growth and created a huge black economy fuelled by cheap imported labour. He steadied the nation during foot and mouth, the floods and the Glasgow terrorist attack. What was he meant to do? Laugh it all off?

So, this hugely intelligent man made a mess of things by going to Iraq, being economical with troop withdrawal numbers and dithering as to whether to hold an election, to frighten the conservatives and get in another term, before the economic chickens came home to roost. The amazing thing was, not that he did this, but that rarely did the mainstream media criticise him. David Cameron was useless, but suddenly the press hailed him as a hero for his Inheritence tax and stamp duty changes. Our so-called democratic process is a sham, whereby all depends on a few marginal constituencies and this was a sensible and popular move. He couldn't raise fag ash Britanniafag ash Britanniareally important issues because the main stream media might criticise him. The fact that the EU treaty (constitution) will completely remove any semblance of democracy or oversight over our parliamentary process. The fact that we haven't a clue as to population projections in order to plan for school, hospital, social welfare needs. The fact that our economy rests on financial markets that are increasingly creaky and that China's sovereign fund now dominates the world market, the looming energy shortfall , would not appear to be a punchy enough issues. Our streets are now covered in a carpet of fag ends but smoking in public places is a sin. We have lots of inspectors ready to pounce on miscreants, yet not enough streetsweepers to clear up the mess. Our farmers and fishermen are being decimated we have multiple occupancy ( which used to be called chronic overcrowding), people trafficking, child prostitution and lots of guns. We even hear that Gordon may approve of airstrikes on Iran! Yet... the country swings behind Cameron because of inheritance tax changes. Do I live in a parallel universe?

Why is this? Because the MSM lives in the other universe. During the Burma demonstrations the front pages did mention them but the main story was often something that was considered more noteworthy. Shame on you. I remember the BBC reporter who cried when the helicopter bearing Yasser Arafat's coffin could not land. She was so overcome by the adulation shown this great man by hordes of men and with Fatah's armed wing the al- Aqsa Martyrs brigades with their masks and AK 47s trying to establish control. Was she criticised? I don't think so. For this was Palestine and, in the MSM, all is black and white: Palestine good, Israel bad. Far right bad, far left good. Nothing is ever grey and the ends justify the means. The Blue Peter 'catgate' incident resulted in a sacking. That's news. If the MSM knows that something is right it doesn't matter whether there are a few half truths allowed to bolster the story. The 'Qana massacre' at Khuraybah story is a case in point. Photographs and events were staged to demonstrate how bad Israel was. See here. But this illustrated how Israel was bad so the facts were an irrelevance. Al Gore probably wants to run for president. He's Our hero Arafat comes home,
the women weep in private.Our hero Arafat comes home, the women weep in private.got his Nobel Peace prize. No matter that Hurricane Katrina wasn't caused by global warming, his main message is given an extra punch. But it does matter. It does matter that history isn't rewritten. We don't need propaganda and comment, we need to unearth the facts and discuss them. History and the the news are never black and white, they tend towards grey. But this doesn't sell papers or produce a good interview on the Today programme. So, whilst the BBC only advertises in the Guardian and our journalists all say much the same things and are like the High Street, now all more or less the same shops selling roughly the same things. The only hope is the internet and the blogosphere. Look how it enables Burma, China, Muslim dissidents etc etc to get across a message. That is until access is blocked or stopped. No doubt there is an EU directive about dissident Eurosceptic bloggers being compiled as we write.