The Leavers say thank you!

Brexit means exit for two significant politicos.

Boris gives the Remainers a headache. Boris gives the Remainers a headache.
During the Brexit referendum campaign many alliances were made and new friends found. No doubt for the Remainers this is awkward, it brings back the memories and the hurt, but for the Leavers it's different. We are getting back to normal catching up on jobs in the garden and around the house and planning a little 'thank you' party sometime soon. It's in this mood we say thank you to two characters who have in their own and very different ways made a huge contribution to the referendum result.

First Boris Johnson. One of the features of the result is that the political establishment went into this referendum secure in the knowledge they would win. How did they know this? Because they had asked people who they could trust to tell them what they wanted to hear. Then proving their stupidity they believed it. In other words having started out rather detached from political reality they enhanced their isolation. Now Johnson has never been detached from public life in the same way that other politicians are, it's as if he defies gravity and more besides. He does as he pleases and the public like him for this.

His contribution to the Leavers was immense. He raised spirits and gave hope in a way no other politician from either side of the debate did. His critics will say he peddled lies about the EU. And they say this as if we did not know what was going on. We did. So when Barack Obama came over and theatrically po-faced threatened us, like naughty children, with being sent to the back of the queue we had two bullshitters to choose from. We may all bask in a glow of national pride that we sided with Johnson.

It was Theresa May who in 2002 came out with her 'nasty party' remark. Both she and David Cameron, in opposition, had to wait until 2008 for Johnson to become Mayor of London and so making their party look like winners. Johnson repeated the win and then went on to be the great force in the Leave campaign. Johnson stood up for his conviction that Leave was what we had to do while May seemed to hide away only emerging when the battle was over. She could come to regret that. It might be true that Johnson would have been a poor choice for PM, however, the bar is set low on that so how can we be sure? But we can be certain he will continue to be a big part of UK politics for years to come. We can also reckon that he does this with approval ratings from voters other politicians cannot match. Johnson is loathed by all the right people, if you see what I mean. The sanctimonious souls who cannot help showing their superiority complex. Johnson is not quite a national treasure or an institution but the quality shines through. He did us proud.

Nigel, his cup runneth over.  Nigel, his cup runneth over.
Nigel Farage, yes he has resigned before but this time it may well be for real. Farage tried and failed several times, to become an MP. In years to come we will see that this saved him. Two elected MPs changed sides from Tory to UKIP but for a variety of reasons never got the publicity that came to Farage. It was Farage MEP that got noticed. Indeed, can you name 6 other UKIP MEPs, do you know how many MEPs they have? But this was the problem, Farage was never part of the UK or EU political establishment. He dominated his party so the lazy media assumed he was UKIP and UKIP was Farage. It was too complicated for them otherwise.

His was a simple message and although rousing he had but one speech. However, after all these years he'd got it off to perfection. So many a media clever-Dick tried to trap him but came off worse. Thus he became the underdog, the one who got the sympathy, and this further infuriated the metropolitan elite who could not work out what was going on. So as they got in a tizzy and put themselves deeper into a world of virtue signalling Farage attracted Labour voters to UKIP. Much as the Remainers exuded smugness and a lofty liberalism so Farage the cheeky chappie, the cad and bounder carried on regardless. You never saw him without his salesman suit on and very often a pint or cigarette in hand, yes it looked naff but he was effective.

But time moves on and now we have had a referendum and a Brexit result it would have been hard for him to maintain his current position. As he is now very unlikely to become an MP it's the House of Lords which seems an obvious destination. But this reckons without the UK political establishment. For regardless of Left or Right, Leave or Remain they will not want an outsider sitting on the red benches. Talking about diversity is one thing but practising it is another. It will be interesting to see what he does with his time.