Charismatic conflict

How to suceed at moral outrage without trying for the easily confused

A rise in anti-semitismA rise in anti-semitism
Richard North, the one man power house behind the blog, EUReferendum, had a moan the other day,

Despite the legacy media maintaining its policy of reporting only one foreign crisis at a time, with Iraq being the fashionable crisis for the moment, serious events are unfolding in Ukraine.

He is so right about that. It is the speed and fickleness of the media and the 'popular opinion' they feed and feed on that stands out. No so long ago all attention was on Gaza. Opinions were formed with astonishing rapidity and without time for analysis or reflection. So that one had to conclude not much more than pure fashion was the motive. All that mattered, or so it seemed, was the arithmetic, the number of dead. This was ridiculous as the counting had not been given the same prominence throughout the conflict in Syria.

Then along came the crisis in Iraq. So it was goodbye Gaza and all the other trouble spots. And yet the arithmetic in Ukraine, the number killed, now equals Gaza. It is thanks to the environmentalists , who may well be the same people who tramped through London shouting anti-semitism that we get charismatic species, 'save the whale' for example. And now we have charismatic conflict. Where's 'Stop the War' when you need them? Perhaps still winding down after the last pro-Palestine demo they have failed to spot the events in Ukraine.

It was back in 1991 that we first heard the phrase 'the wrong type of snow'. This came as a reason for rail travel chaos in winter but now we have the wrong sort of victim, the hypocrisy of it all. For that is what it is and the subject of an article by Rod Liddle. He takes up the case of the appalling silence surrounding the latest wave of anti-semitism. There are certain things you just cannot talk about in polite society, the destructive nature of the EU for example. Which, ironically, is part responsible for the situation in Ukraine. Liddle dares to point out who is responsible for the anti-semitism.

He specialises in challenging the faux liberal left and their assumption of superiority. These are the people who are cheer leaders for the latest event upon which to bestow their outrage. This they see as wholly beneficial hence there is no need for careful analysis. So at the time of the abduction of over 200 girls by Boko Haram in Nigeria they would have stabbed an accusatory finger at the TV and with a face like thunder announced what had to be done.

However, weeks later with social media activism having run its course they could not tell you what happened, what was the result of their 'intervention'. For beyond telling others what to do and buying the odd wrist band, 'Free Gaza', it's all wind and piss. Liddle suggests the power for the anti-semitic attacks is largely Muslim based and gives reasons.

Oh dear, this is a problem for our cheer leaders. Because it's not happening only in some far flung land but right here in the UK. What if a Synagogue near them was burnt to the ground? It could affect house prices, that would be awful. The government should do something!

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