Floods for all?

Let's pretend the EU had nothing to do with this!

Pumps from Holland, and the carbon footprint is? Pumps from Holland, and the carbon footprint is?
When it comes to something tricky you can't beat an expert. As for the floods alas experts to help us prevent them seem to be in short supply. But the flooding of the Somerset Levels has been watched over by Christopher Booker and his vantage point has been his home, he lives in a Somerset village. So not only is he our man on the spot but an acknowledged authority on the EU. The flooding of the Levels is one of those EU ideas so we are in good hands with Booker. Who very often teams up with Richard North and it is the North blog that gives us what we need. North has pulled together the work of Booker and others, added his own and it is an ideal starting point. Naturally technical so heavy reading lies ahead but well worth the effort.

The MSM have done a different job, as they do. Pictures of elderly people in rubber boats being taken to safety by the authorities tell their own story. But what of the various organisations involved? Leo McKinstry had this to say. Naturally the supporters of big government, and the Environmental Agency is huge, are in a quandary. How to help the likes of Chris Smith, now Lord Smith of the EA, but without getting the wrong side of public opinion?

It's not just Somerset but also the Thames basin. However, in both cases the official response is being heavily criticised. Writing in the Spectator Lloyd Evans -

PM has spent so much time with emergency committees that he’s adopted their can-do battlefield vocabulary. He talked of ‘Gold Commanders calling on military assets’ which is butch-speak for ‘squaddies with shovels being shouted at by Ruperts.’ Having sploshed around for ten days with flow-rate experts and sandbank architects he is also a world authority on flood management. The Thames, he declared, with Michael Fish-like gravity, ‘is expected to reach a second peak on Sunday or Monday.’ He also estimated the weight of all the water on the Somerset Levels: 65 million tons, (sounds a bit light to me)

This blog thinks that when there is time to inquire we will see that some of these Gold Commanders are simply gold plated. And despite all their silly butch-speak that rubbed off onto the PM they simply failed. Mind you as when anything is gold plated the public paid up front only to be let down later.

But we promised you a reading list - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE

So here we are, today is the 18th February, and the floods are slipping away from the front page of the media faster than the waters level is going down in Somerset. This will be the start of the great investigation, but it will be skewed. The lovers of big state solutions and assorted warmists will rise up like dirty water from the drains to protect their dream. Which is to impose a regime upon which is ruinous.