UKIP and Paul Sykes

Money is only part of it.

An open letter to Paul Sykes, who by virtue of his support for UKIP is a big story of the moment. Several reliable sources have offered opinions upon this. See EU Referendum and Witterings from Witney.

We are told Sykes is not a UKIP member, this detachment might be useful to help keep things in perspective. And let's hope he is on the electoral register. Another UKIP donor, Alan Bown was not when he gave them money. The problem here was that it is illegal to denote in such circumstances, see HERE.

Dear Mr Sykes,

I am totally in agreement with you regarding our membership of the EU and I do hope that UKIP wins a great victory in the EU elections. However, I feel that it is important to think about any proposed referendum with great care.

It is by no means certain that there would be a vote to leave the EU. UKIP proclaims that it is a simple matter of just leaving by repealing the European Communities Act 1972 and that’s about it. They are wrong.

The fact that there can be no renegotiations prior to any referendum, the fact that it will be extremely complicated to extricate ourselves from the EU and the fact that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty exists is overlooked by UKIP. The only way to do this, and there is one, must be promoted.

We should leave the EU and join EFTA/EEA. Use our membership as a halfway house, take up all the EU legislation and then begin to extricate ourselves. This is a clear pathway for leaving. The fact that Norway, for example, has a negotiating seat on various international bodies whereas we are just part of the EU would be just one of the positive results of a vote to leave.

Also, many people are put off by the groups which wish to leave such as: UKIP, The Freedom Association, The Bruges Group etc. This is not wholly the fault of these groups but more a by-product of the way they present themselves and are reported.

Critics would say they are all full of a type of person of a certain age who only talk of sovereignty, treason etc and have a rigid vocabulary and inflexible minds. Some do and they are as much a political ghetto as the far left groups and just as off-putting.

Please look at this video about the impossibility of funding climate change targets. Topher is young, funny and the message is clear. Contrast this with the style of information put out by the Eurosceptic groups.

Have you seen the Chilean film NO by Pablo Larrain? This shows how advertising can really work. The 1988 referendum question was whether Pinochet should be given another term as President. This showed how a simple, clear, and, above all, positive campaign resulted in a NO vote.

The people of the UK know politicians can not be trusted to run the country so perhaps an additional direct democracy message would give people some hope and incentive to vote, see HERE and HERE.

The campaign should begin to be organised after the Euro elections but, as with the Chilean NO vote , it is very possible to achieve a vote to leave the EU but will by no means be easy. I wish you well and hope UKIP spend your money wisely.

Yours faithfully