Banana boy outward bound

David Miliband unable to rescue his party goes to America

The banana and the man The banana and the man
Back in the summer of 2008 we wrote this at the time David Miliband was being heavily promoted by his party and sympathetic press alike. Generally speaking the message was the man is a genius. Well how wrong can you be? And now years later he's off to America. Fraser Nelson says of the new job

then we find out that David Miliband is off to run the real-life International Rescue in New York. Life is mirroring art, or at least British politics is mirroring Thunderbirds.

In the Gerry Anderson ITV puppet show the character, Brains, that Miliband was compared to was horribly nerdy. He was a plodding techno who acted as a foil to the more dashing pilots and other characters.

As Foreign Secretary Miliband frequently made gaffes that showed him up as awkward and unthinking. His social skills let him down at home too. The Labour party demands a particular brand of behaviour from its Ministers. A complex web of forces within the party requires constant attention if the Minister is to survive. Miliband showed himself incapable of dealing with this, it was too subtle for him. Despite the backing of Tony Blair he never made it to the top of his party. This is interesting as some say the intervention of Blair made it worse for Miliband. Much as help from Blair did not prove useful to John Prescott trying to become Hull PPC So much as Blair could not pick winners Miliband could not time his bid to topple Gordon Brown. He was not seen as a way of helping the party out of trouble and never recovered from the bungled bid.

It was as part of a damage limitation exercise that he was interviewed by the Observer in 2008 and made these ridiculous comments.

The caricatures that were put up about Gordon have proved to be just that.The truth is he is a man of depth - deep values, deep vision, deep sense of the future of the country, deep intellect, deep humanity

The contours of the the foreign policy landscape in the first quarter of the 21st century are now clear. They are defined, in my view, by the following notions; that in the world there is, at one and the same time, great progress and great insecurity. There is a struggle between progress and insecurity

David Cameron is the perfect opponent for Gordon Brown if you're Gordon Brown. And Gordon Brown is the nightmare opponent for David Cameron if you're David Cameron

Let's hope America can cope with this mans vast intellect!