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HS2 and Hacked Off get the drubbing they deserve

Gilligan and bicycleGilligan and bicycle
We have praised the work of Andrew Gilligan before, he has an eye for transport matters, he is the Cycling Commissioner for Mayor of London Boris Johnson. And has been following the HS2 saga. His report in the Telegraph sums it up well, recommended reading, as so is this. For stupidity the HS2 ranks alongside global warming and in a similar fashion has fiddled statistics to 'back it up'.

Next Gilligan looks at press regulation. You may say it's just a journalist looking after himself and his trade following severe ctiticism of the ethics of some newspapers. No that's too simple. The public will be the ones who really come off worse if press regulation goes according to the likes of Jim Sheridan MP

But it's not just the dreadful MPs, it's the equally awful celebrities too. And as might be expected on occasions like these Stephen Fry shows us the way -

Hacked Off’s celebrity supporters reacted in characteristically calm and measured fashion. “Wow, Andrew Gilligan still knows how to write lies,” hissed Stephen Fry. No actual lies were cited, you understand, but for the kind of people who support Hacked Off, any fact with which they disagree is self-evidently false, and soon to be eliminated by their new “voluntary independent self-regulator.”

Hacked Off itself has been too busy denouncing the Committee to Protect Journalists and suchlike enemies of liberty to respond until now, but yesterday it finally published what it says is merely a 12-point “sample” of my crimes against truth. I particularly enjoyed Number 11, denying my claim that a gentleman called Martin Moore, director of the equally ghastly Media Standards Trust, is a director of Hacked Off. My source for this wicked fabrication is…well… Hacked Off’s own notepaper.

Lord Justice Leveson made a fool of himself with his flawed inquiry into the press and fatuous remarks about press accuracy. Doubly so when you reflect that he did just what Hacked Off wanted and it has proved to be so simple for Gilligan to show Hacked Off up for what they are. In the fullness of time Lveson may come to regret this. Usually London based Gilligan is well known for looking into the Ken Livingstone Mayor of London era including all those shady characters that owed their positions to Livingstone. So it's interesting to read -

When Hacked Off talks about making the press “accountable,” what they mean is making it accountable to people like them. There’s a silver lining, though. Arrogant, entitled, lying and hypocritical, in Brian Cathcart and Hacked Off I think I’ve found my new Ken Livingstone. What fun we’re going to have together!