Making amends, more on Nick Cohen

Unsavoury aspects of journalism explained

Isabel Oakeshott Isabel Oakeshott
In this post we took Nick Cohen to task for getting more than a few things wrong. So praise where praise is due for Cohen has looked at the Huhne-Pryce story from a different perspective and what he writes is excellent. Cohen has gone behind what a lot of the MSM saw as the story, the Huhne-Pryce divorce and family feud, to the behaviour of Sunday Times journalist Isabel Oakeshott. Just days before the Cohen post Richard North wrote of the Huhne-Pryce media splash -

There can be no doubt about the number one political story of the moment – as far as the personality-obsessed media goes: the conviction of Vicky Price. We are left with the prospect of her, and her former husband, Chris Huhne going to jail in the near future.

The problem here is that it would be wrong to convey the notion that all of the media is personality-obsessed, certainly that's not true of Cohen. It would also be wrong to overlook the fact that both Huhne and Pryce are very troubled people with personality problems. Certainly Huhne should never have had anything to do with public money and should never have held the position of MP or Minister.

His prison sentence was for perverting the course of justice, but what he did was pervert the energy market in way that only a man with a damaged personality could. The destructive effects of his mania upon the UK are immense. The sort of thing only an Islamic terrorist could have wished to bring about.

So Cohen is right to look at the work of Oakshott, who does seem a rather creepy thing. This is taken further by Marina Hyde and Cohen gives us the link. Quite what anyone makes of the personality of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, is another matter, but creepy will do for him too!